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Hello All,

Today Ohio, Leaverite, Carl and I headed out for a short nugget hunt before the weather ran us out. We have had our eye on this location for some time and finally realized we needed to hit it before it gets too hot. After today we are pretty confident the area won't produce anymore big nugget days. With 4 GP's gridding the area we put a serious pounding on this location.

I scored a total of (11) nuggets, Ohio scored (8), Leaverite (1) and Carl (0).

Carl just purchased a new GP3500 from me, but used the SD2100 prior. I'm sure once Carl gets enough time behind the GP3500 the nuggets will start rolling in. He did well with the SD in the past.

Below are a few pictures of today’s successful hunt. Everyone was using Minelab GP series detectors and Coiltek Wallaby & Joey Searchcoils.

Picture 1 - Total take of nuggets. 11 on the left are mine.

Picture 2 - My total nugget take for the day (6.9 Dwt's)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hello Guys,

We have worked several of these spots now with the Wallaby DD Pro's and also with the Joey Mono's. I seriously doubt there is much left behind. Between these two coils you pretty much clean up the big stuff and can get stuff as small as 1-2 grains with the small elliptical monos.

I just have a feeling there is a 1 ouncer out there calling for me. :rolleyes:

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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