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Plaz Conner, was a very good friend of mine and hunting partner, and a poster to this forum. I don't think Plaz had even reached his 40's yet, he was in his thirties.

I received this email from his wife Julie, this morning. Please send your thoughts and your prayers. I will get Plaz and Julie's address later and post it.

I apologize ahead of time to be sending you this information in an impersonal e-mail. Plaz had so many aquaintances in all the different aspects of his life. I am trying to get the word out to as many of you as I can.

If you havent already heard or figured out by now, Plaz passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly Saturday morning May 13th. He was doing what he loved, riding his Dirt bike. Unfortunately, we have no answers yet as to how he died. What we do know is that he did not crash his bike. The people he was racing with said he started riding in an odd manner, made his way to the side of the track and slumped over off of his bike. The EMTs and I got to him within minutes of this. Despite their efforts he died shortly there after. I hope I will have some answers soon as to why my healthy young husband died. I have been told that this may take weeks as they wait for test results.

For those of you that would be interested, his funeral arrangements are as follows: Visitation Friday 5-7pm, Sat. 10-10:45am with the funeral following at 11:00. This will take place at Palm Mortuary 7400 W. Cheyenne.

As you can imagine this is a difficult time for me, his family and his friends. Your thoughts and prayers are very much felt and appreciated. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else you can think of who knew Plaz and would want to know that he is gone.

Thank you

Julie Conner

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Hello Doc,

I seen this post earlier today from work, but couldn't respond to it. I must say I'm still speechless… I just can't believe he's gone! :( Plaz was a great friend. Over the years we spent a lot of time talking on the phone and sending emails back and forth. This is terrible news and all my condolences go out to Julie and his family.

Plaz you will never be forgotten. I know you're in a great place with our loving and caring LORD.

Heart Broken,

Rob Allison

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