Weight Restrictions for Moore Creek

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Remember heading for Moore Creek that you will be getting in and out of the mine in a small plane. Try and bring what you really need. As a rule of thumb keep it under 100 pounds. Remember that means for 10 people we'll be flying in 1000 pounds of freight!

Since we now have detectors at the mine bringing a complete spare detector is probably overkill. We also will have standard Walco picks for those that do not want to bring a pick.

The only thing you realy HAVE to bring is a sleeping bag good down to 40 degrees F and your clothes.

I guess I'm hardcore from years of flying, but for clothing for a week I have one set of work clothes that I wear detecting every day. They get filty but that is fine. Then another set to wear around camp, and one more set to wear home. A few extra sets of socks and underwear and I'm set. A good pair of high top work boots works well in the hilly terrain, and tennis shoes for camp.

Other ideas at http://www.moorecreek.com/what_to_bring.htm but again, try and bring only what you really will use and leave the rest at home.

Steve Herschbach

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  • Admin

Hello Steve,

That's some good advice. Last year I took way too much of stuff I didn't need and too little of stuff I really needed. :(

I'm going to take you up on one of your Walco picks this year. As for clothing, last year I brought 6 complete sets of cloths. However, I only wore one shirt and two pair of pants the entire week at Moore Creek. As far as shirts, I purchased a couple of the Carhart long-sleeved work shirts and they worked excellent last year. They were a bit pricey at $40 a pop, but they were enough to keep me comfortable and thick enough to keep the bugs from biting through.

As for pants, I brought about 5 pairs last year. This year I'm going to cut back and bring maybe 3 pairs of Levis.

Heavy-duty socks are very important, so I brought 7-8 pairs and changed them each night. I also recommend a couple pairs of boots since there isn't a boot warmer in camp. If your boots get wet the first day you might be miserable the entire week.

I also recommend a good bug suit. I purchased the same one Rich L. used last year. I'm hoping it's going to work since it's not really rainproof.

As far as detecting accessories, this is what I broke last year -

(1) lower shaft from slipping in the wet grass

(2) broken power cords from snagging in the Alders

(1) one bad charger that didn't charge my battery one day/night

What I recommend at the least for the Minelab users -

(2) Searchcoils

(2) Heavy Duty Coiltek Power Cords (at least)

(2) Lower Shafts (at least)

(2) Minelab handles (can break with just a slip or fall)

(2) Detectors (however, Steve has backup detectors)

(3) Batteries (at least one charging all times and two with you)

(2) Chargers (one might go bad)

I know there might be more, but the above will keep you in the game all week. It's easy to break a power cord, lower shaft or handle. Also, with as much daylight as we will see you can easily drain a small battery.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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You were saying that you would have picks there and that we can use one for the week. I take it that you have at least ten of them at the mine?


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Hi keith,

I'll have more than ten picks at the mine, although I expect some people will still bring their favorite. Ours are the 23" Walco pick plus a couple Estwing and other misc types. Picks are one of those things that are ackward to pack and so I added to the few we had up at the mine last summer.

Steve H

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