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Okay everyone here is the information that I told you I would post in another persons post.

This is the stuff that they had me start drinking at work once the tempurature started to rise. Understand I drink plenty of water :) so I do not worry about dehydration :) .

The product is called SQWINCHER. A product of the Sqwincher corporation from Columbus, MS. For more info call: 1-800-654-1920.

The product is a fast pack you add the water to the packet and drink it.

The product claims peak perfomance. No caffeine, low sodium,non-carbonated, the packet contians .6fl oz of product that once water is added makes a 6oz. drink.

The back of the product package claims to be an electrolyte replacement drink designed to rehydrate, restore and recharge the body both before and after dehydration occurs to keep you at your peak performance. Keeps working muscles working.

Nutrition facts: serving per package 1.

calories 50 : total fat 0 : sodium 40mg, 2% daily value : potassium 35mg, 1% daily value :Total carb 13g, 4% daily value: protien 0g. Daily value based on 2000 calorie diet.

Ingredients: high fructose corn syrup, water, dextrose,citric acid,potassium citrate,saltsodium citrate,gum arabic, natural and artificial flavor,potassium phosphate,sodium benzoate(as a preservative),sodium phophate,glycerol,ester of wood rosin,brominate vegtable oil,calcium phosphate,yellow 5 and magnesium carbonate.

Well thats the low down folks. I will be looking into getting some of this to add to my daily pack. this will really make that water bladder last longer throughout the day ;) . No more toteing bulky gatorade bottels. Iam sure other products out there. This was just something that would benefit others to get the ideas out there.

The most important thing, you guys take care and make sure you keep hydrated while out ;) , make sure you guys pack plenty of fluids. Remember beer is not a good source of hydration liquid :unsure: .

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Hi Frank,

Interesting post.

Hydration is probably one of the most overlooked aspects to

being in peak, or even good, health.

What is it...close to 90% of American's are dehydrated to some degree?

Something like that.

Dehydration is responsible for an incredible number of ills,

chief among them being headache's and, my personal favorite, kidney stones.

If any of you have ever had kidney stones,

I am sure you are now a confirmed water - in large amounts - drinker.

There is simply no pain like passing a kidney stone. Demerole (sp?) didn't even

begin to touch the pain when I got kidney stones a number of years ago.

It took 3 shots of morphine to knock the pain down.

It was worse getting over the morphine than recovering from the kidney stones too...

I do note that three of the first four ingredients in that drink are sugar-related.

Personally I don't think this is a good thing.

Sugar is cheap and ultimately unsustainable energy.

While electrolite replacement is important, especially if you are involved in a high-energy

workout like running etc, (or when you are sweating for whatever reason),

where electrolites get depelated.

There are other ways to get them replaced that are better than sugar-related drinks.

But the main thing is drink lots of water, and, if you can, without too much sugar.



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  • Admin

Hello Guys,

I agree with you about the Sugar, but most replacement drinks have some sugar. I know Gatorade is loaded with sugar and I use it a lot and it works well. I think the most important is the salts and to keep them within the body. A friend used to swear on that "Sea Salt" stuff when it was hot out.

Regardless, you need to keep your body hydrated before, during and after. Most make the mistake knowing they are going on a long summer hike and take plenty of liquids. Most of the time this will keep you out of danger, but hydrating your body several days prior to a long hike can really help.

When in doubt, don't hide your water .... :(

Take care,

Rob Allison

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This is the best stuff around, period.


Was formulated by a local doctor and used by our SAR teams for testing over several years. Try the others and then spend a long hot day drinking it and you will also be sold on it. Also tastes very good and no colorings or extra crap you don't need.

Powdered gatorade or most of the others widely used should not be mixed full strength as indicated on the label. Mixing most of them at 50% of recommended and you will not waste as much of it through your bladder. The body cannot make use of it very well at full strength.

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Thanks for the info. Lotsaluck. I just ordered two cans, 160 drinks.

Unless you are really working hard in mid summer heat you will be very happy with just a 50% mix of it. Remember though that once you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated and the ONLY thing that will allow your body to catch up is rest while drinking. Any outdour activity will cause you to dehydrate faster than your body can replenish and eventualy overtake you and kill.

Also be advised that we have found over the years that the lemon does not stain your clothes through sweat as bad as the other flovors. When it first came out there was no flavoring at all and no staining either. But it was like drinking ringers (done that enough) so the public demanded flavoring. Now if you drink orange and wear a white shirt you do your own hippy dyeing thing while you hike. :P

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