How deep would you dig?

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Guest keninla

I'll bet that he was wearing hob nail boots and every time he got down in the hole to check to see if the target was still there he put the coil over his boot.

boing boing boing

Keep on diggin

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Several years ago I reluctantly met with a small group of guy's from NY that thought they had found a spanish treasure in the "omitted". They had enough evidence to convince me (very sceptical me) to go out with them ounce to see for myself. It was a 12 mile (one way) hike in August and once there my Gp3000 went nuts over the target spot. They had already dug a few feet and it was clear that there was an old shaft there that had been filled with indian concrete. Well we made several more trip into ithe dig site, did some unmentionable way's of digging and all the while any detector we tried went nuts over the 6 x 6 shaft. After 25 feet I gave up on it and I never heard from the group again. For a while I was deeply hooked on it and the idea took up all my time trying to figure it out. I could still walk right to it un-aided, ut what's there making all that noise?

But 60 feet in your own yard? Gheeesh...

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Ok guys, you just knew I would chime in. :lol: I do believe that someone on this site has a saying "if it beeps dig it" or something like that. Now I've dug a few 50 foot plus hole before, but at least I had 2 to 6 inches of good material to work with. <_< That being said, what have they put in the water in Montclair? That isn't very good soil to be digging in. All I can say is the man's got dog determination. :lol:


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Here in Calif. we have rocks that detect as gold, even though they are not gold and you can't discriminate them out...Grubstake, knows what I'm talking about and thats using a P.I. detector.

I also know of an area on top of a ridge that will make your compass go nuts and swing in circles. I found this out one day at work when I needed to take a compass shot while surveying. I had to walk over 100' away from the ridge befor my compass started working properly, needless to say, I could never line up my shot to the top of the ridge and back down the other side.

Maybe there is a 1,000 lb nugget at the bottom of that hole. :blink:

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Yeh your right wolverine, there is lots of Magnatite up here at my patch, no way can you ground balance them out, they give a rally pos. signal. I dig them out, look and toss.The ones up here are light colored on the outside, but when you bust one open, almost all black. Grubstake

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  • Admin

Hello Guys,

When I first read the caption about a person digging 60 foot, I assumed he might have lived on some placer ground and was drifting down in the gravels. However, after reading the entire writeup, I can't believe someone would dig that from just a detector signal! :lol:

Digging to China and back ....

Rob Allison

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