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Hello All,

I haven't had time to post much on the forums since I'm playing catch-up right now. However, I'm still watching the forums, just haven't had time to post much. Once I get caught up within the next day or so I will post more information and pictures about Moore Creek. It was an absolute blast, better than last year! :D

I'm trying to get pending orders out ASAP and still have tons of backorders that should be going out early next week since the big Coiltek order has arrived.

People also have contacted me and asked if I do have a new Minelab GP3500 Special for the month of June. Yes I do, but haven't had time to update the special on the website or forum. Contact me through email - [email protected] for more information on the latest Minelab GP3500 and other Minelab detector special for the month of June.

Talk with you all soon, ;)

Rob Allison

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Rob, no joke someone should contact nvchris,about being a DIST. for his new invention, the Hipstick. Going to be a big seller. better than just a bungee, and works with any bungee cord, to take the weight from your shoulder to your waist, and off your arm. I had HIGH HOPE FOR YOU IN MOORE CREEK. maybe you should have rubbed some raw meat on Glen, the bears would have got him, you could have detected the remains. And got his gold. Ha! Ha! :lol::P More than one way to skin a cat! Grubstake

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:D Welcome back Rob,

I too wished you found more but still glad you had fun, have not sent pictures yet, but played with a friends digital camera :blink: "frustrating", along with Webtv, can only make web page, and put it in my profile on forum, wbtv won't let me send pics;-) Well I bought a disposable camera, and took other pic's and going out for two weeks and will, fill it with pic's and send them snail mail...

Take care,


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