Moore Creek Gold

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I don't know if any of you get the Goldfield Mag. In this issue Steve is telling about the gold at Moore Creek.

He's telling about all the gold thats been found with a metal detector and also highbanker plus dredge.

Its a great coverage he done on Moore Creek and yes he had other articles but this one has been talk alot on this forum.


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Chuck... I have subscribed to the magazine for years. Ron and Bonnie Wendt

certainly publish a great magazine. I have read Steves article on Moore. Steve

certainly writes well. And busy he is! I have often wondered when he finds time

to sleep.

Back to Ron, he not only finds time to publish the bi-monhly "The Alaska Goldfeld"

but has also contributed to various publications over the years. It could well be that

Ron may know more about the history of early and current Alaska mining; the

oldtimers who were out prospecting, Alaskan gold finds, past mining operations, and

old mining camps.

I guess those in Alaska, ie such as Steve and Ron, are high energy!

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Thanks for the kind words guys!

We had 64 people end up visiting Moore Creek this summer.

In 2005 30 people found 95 nuggets adding up to 75 ounces of gold, but 25 ounces was in a single specimen. In 2006 the 64 visitors also found 75 ounces of gold in total. Of this there were again about 100 nuggets found detecting, adding up to about 55 ounces of specimens. Another 20 ounces was found highbanking and suction dredging.

There were 32 nuggets weighing over 1/2 ounce (17 over an ounce). The largest was found by Glenn at 3.03 ounces. I found the second largest at 2.98 ounces, but maybe Glenn's refusal to clean his nuggets before weighing had something to do with that!

We are making 48 spaces availble in 2007, and with 34 booked so far we have 14 spaces remaining for 2007. We will be upgrading the shower facility, and adding some ability to ferry people down to the lower areas below the airstrip and back. Those in the first week will also get the benefit of being able to detect some of the areas newly bulldozed late this fall.

Thank you to all the people who visited Moore Creek in 2006!!!

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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dutch john

When I first started getting the Mag. I didn't think to much of it. Then when my sub. was about to run out I had to renew because its not just one but all after a year that will give you so much info if you will mark it out on a topo map.


Like dutch said When to you get the time to do all you do? Thanks for all the info on the gold at Moore Creek being found. When you said about a guy hunting with a metal detector has have to have alot to stay with it. I always think that the next signal will be a nugget are a coin if that may be. I say its thinking different than the guy before you in the way you hunt.

I've got this friend that her mother lives and works in Nome Alaska and she just left yesterday to go back. If I wasn't married already I'd be going to Nome real soon. :lol: She said so many sit around in winter panning gold.

Have a good one Steve and keep posting.


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RR, I have known of Ron for many years. Maybe about 25 or more. We

have a long back trail as we were freelance writers for several trade

magazines, such "Western & Eastern Treasures", "Popular Mining", "Treasure"

just to mention a few... but there are more.

We were contributing editors for "Gold and Treasure Magazine" when

Dave McCracken was the publisher; back when Marcia Stumpf and Sam

Radding were frequent contributors. Ron was also busy publishing a series

of booklets. One with a "was "Where to prospect for Gold in Alaska."

Steve was then busy building his business, Alaska Mining and Diving Supply. I

first remember him as he was an early Compass Electonics dealer. I do not need

to say more about Steve... He posts frequently on this forum.

Alaska has always interested me. Several of my (late) uncles and cousens who

lived in Washington would often go to Alaska to work construction of fish. One,

my uncle Don Straight, was even an "outfitter." He was killed in an hunting accident

back in 1939 and is buried in Alaska.

If you never plan to go to Alaska, Ron Wendt's "The Alaska Goldfield," is full of

information and techniques, that can also be of interest to anyone who is involved

in any facet of prospecting in the "lower 48."

And if you never go to Alaska... you will never know what you have missed. There

is much more to Alaska than gold. But there is nothing wrong about finding a nugget

or two... Just to visit Alaska can be a great adventure.

Of interest to some may be Ron's recent book: "Beach Placers of Alaska." (There

has been some beach placering in the northwestern states as well as Alaska.)

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Hot dog dutch john you have been around the block. I've been to Alaska two times and I wish I did have Ron's Goldfield Mag then. I'd like to go back but one friend that was going with me got himself kill this year.

Some years ago I've written for GPAA but thats been a long time. I remember Dave's mag. and also that he was fighting other fires.That's when he stop printing it but I don't know if he ever started it up again.

Thanks for telling me about yourself and I'm sure that I came across your articles before.

Have a good one! Chuck

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