Today's Hunt @ Rich Hill with Friends

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Hello All,

Today Leaverite and I met up with Joe (new GPX-4000 customer) & his Son along with many other guys at Rich Hill today. The weather was beautiful today at the Hill, perfect for metal detecting. I spent a good part of the day showing Joe and his Son how to work their new GPX. Leaverite wondering around on the claims and picked up (3) smaller nuggets in an area where the old-timers worked. Joe and I spent some time on one of the old pushes. Later in the day I ran my GPX-4000 in the same area where Joe was working and got a good signal. I had a good feeling it was going to be a nugget due to nice signal, so I had Joe and his Son listen to it. Low and behold it was about a Dwt sized nugget that I let them keep! :D

We spent some time later in the day working around where Leaverite found the three, but everyone came up with just more trash. At the end of the day walking back to the truck I snagged a small nugget about 1/4 Dwt.

Seen a bunch of faces at the Hill today; Colorado Bob (frpm Quartzsite), Stephen Lane (purchased a GP3500), Steve and Kitty, Glenn B. and his Wife (just purchase a GP3500 from me) Iggy John & Terry (just purchased a GPX-4000).

Glenn B. - Tried to find you later in the day, but you must have been higher than I climbed. :(

Always fun at the Hill.

Picture 1 - Joe and his Son holding their new GPX-4000

Picture 2 - Leaverite's (3) nuggets and the one I located

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Cool dinks, Rob...I wanted to make it out, but business and my still seriously messed up knee kept me home....If you'll loan me a 4K to go over a few of my old multi ounce patches I think I can afford to buy one from you..... :rolleyes: ... The Devil's Nest is awesome but just kicks my butt to climb it...Also, way to go Dennis... :D And tell me, did Steve and Kitty score? ... Cheers, Unc

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Hello Uncle Ron,

Steve and Kitty had one nugget when we left yesterday evening from the Hill. Dennis scored (3) yesterday and (2) more today from the Hill. I scored (2) small ones also yesterday. Dennis said the GPX is making a big difference, but I know that! :P

Talk with a guy that purchase a Minelab GP from me a few weeks ago and he said he's been on the Hill the last couple of days with no luck. Said he is going to give it another day or so.

The Hill is still producing, most of them small, but a few nice ones from time to time.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison'

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Hello Iggy,

You would think being a Board Member I would know where those claims were .... :rolleyes: I believe the JB claims are the two 20-acre claims on the lower Stanton side, right? If so, I have found some decent sized nuggets over there in the years past.

Prospected the ones over near the Leviathon Mine in the past, but never found any gold nuggets. Heard it was real good for drywashing. I could pretty much tell this from the amount of recent drywashing workings.

Located one spot on the claims that I need to check out. Forgot all about it until I seen the area this last weekend. I remember after the fact I found a few nuggets there many ... many years ago with the early SD's.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison'

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Hey Rob,

The JB groups are part of the claims that we sold to Elly.

There are a total of 15 claims. The road to Stanton will pass through the first group of 6 claims and just befor you get to Stanton the road will cross the corner of the second group of eight claims.

These two large groups are joined by one claim running parallel to the road. Most of the claims are to the left of the road to Stanton.

Some of the gullies are good for dry washing.

Bob T.

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