Finally I get to spend some time in Arizona!

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Hello all, after Christmas my friend and I are planning spending eight days out in Arizona to clean out some of the bullets in your goldfields (I've had the skunk with me for quit a while now!). I'm in the process of planning out our trip and I wanted to ask a couple questions-

I'm a GPAA member and I'm planning on hitting up some of their claims. Any other GPAA members out there have suggestions for places to go?

Also looking for other places to go, thing is I'm not sure where some good spots are and I want to be careful not to claim jump anywhere. Is there anybody out there willing to give me some suggestions on where to go?

A couple places I'm definately heading to-

1. Franconia- I picked up my GP3500 from Roger D a few weeks back (THANKS ROGER!) out at Franconia. Had a lot of fun finding a few meteorites, now I'm coming back with my new weapon, a Joey Coil! Planning on spending a day or two here to get the confidence back up.

2. Stanton, I guess the GPAA will be having an outing here, so we're probably gonna check this out.

Any information and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I thank all of you in advance!


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You must be mistaken. We don't have any gold in Arizona.

Are you sure you weren't thinking of New Mexico next door?

You still have time to change your plans........... :D

Don't you have the GPAA book with all the claims?

That should help you find something local.

I'd contact the GPAA Chapter in Congress. They meet on the 2nd Monday of the month in Congress and they are always looking to help folks just passing thru.

Congress is very close to the claims around Rich Hill.

You can contact the Preisdent Paul Clark (Pres) at 928-427-9503 for more help and details.


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Hi Paseclipse,

Since your going to be at Franconia, you may want to check on the HGS club, [Havasu Gold Seekers] they are only a short distance from Franconia.

They have a really nice camp ground and I believe that you can stay for a dollar per night, if your a member, not for sure on that. I usually camp out on the claims when I'm up there.

They have quite a large area of claims and some good gold has been found in the past.

Membership is $100.00 to join and $30.00 per year thereafter.

Bob T.

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  • Admin

Hello Del,

If you're spending some time around the Rich Hill area I would also suggest you joining the Weaver Mining District. The yearly membership is only $25/year and they have really good claims for nugget hunting. Some of the better nuggets have been found on their claims over the years, including the famous 28.5 ounce Tongue Nugget.

I don't have the contact phone number off hand, but you can stop in and join. The Weaver Mining District is located in Congress, Arizona. Ask for Les.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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A great club to join would be the 24 Karat Gold Hunters.

They have a large number of claims on the east side of Rich Hill as will as the hill itself.

A large amount of gold has been taken from those claims.

Call Elly at 866-713-0608 or Local 928-427-0011


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Ive taken four nuggets off their claims (Weaver Mining District) in the last three trips out????? Two and two and a skunk. a little under a 1/4 oz Ohwell Im huntin for new patches on their property, If your do-in a short stay this might be a good option. They have a lot of ground. Gold is were you find it. AzNuggetBob

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Thanks for the responses guys, I very much appreciate the info!

Iggy- Yeah we don't have any gold out here California too! I've tried convincing a lot of people by raising the argument that the "Gold Rush" was just a United States government scam to get people to move out west, but for some reason nobody seems to believe me. :lol: Your suggestion about contacting Paul Clark is a good one and I just may do that, thanks.

Yeah, I've thought about joining a few clubs located out in Arizona, however since I don't head out there all the time I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile to join. Heck this will be the first time I'm actually getting some good use out of my GPAA membership. Do any of you guys know if these clubs offer day passes?

Don't worry guys, the skunk isn't coming with me......... Hopefully he can't keep up with the truck, if he does my friend and I will stop and run him over! I've been trying to shake him for a while now.

Thanks again!


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