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hi all! HNY we were thinking about joining a club this year such as the 24k but havent really researched any of them much . can you guys give me some advice on our options on Az clubs? thanks, Tool

Where in Arizona do you live can help.

I can only speak of one club that I belong. It is the 24K club which has I beleve 35 claims in the Rich Hill area NE of Wickenburg. The nice thing about this club in relations to some of the other is that they have 5 areas that they bulldoze on a scheduled basis. This clears off 12" -18" and exposes virgin ground that has very little junk. Just yesterday we had 2 area they cleared and the biggest nugget found was 1 1/2 oz. Also by pushing the areas this makes it easier for everyone to walk. No climbing over bolders, around cactus or snakes. You still have all the other claims in the area that 24K if you like. I hope Rob the webmaster will send you a message with more information.

Here is the website of the 24k if you haven't already found it.

Also the claim owner is a great lady to boot.

Iggy :D

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Hello Tool,

Most of the clubs are based around Panning, Dredging and Drywashing. The advantage of the 24K Gold Hunters Club is the fact you're hunting some of the best, most productive ground in Arizona. Rich Hill was one of the richest placer deposits not only in Arizona, but also in the World for its size. In less than a 1x1 mile square there has been more than one million ounces of gold recovered. Some of the reports say as high as five million ounces. There is really no telling what was found, but it was more than I could imagine!

The 24K Gold Hunters Club has a couple hundreds members. The people are great, most of them very experienced. I'm glad I'm not only a part of the club, but a board member to boot. Give Elly a call and tell her you would like to know more about the club.

Some other clubs I highly recommend are the Roadrunner Prospectors Club, Weaver Mining and the GPAA.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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Hi Tool...I can recommend the 24K, Weaver Mining District, Roadrunners, Havasu Gold Seekers, the GPAA and the LDMA...Each of these clubs is distinctive and has different orientations...Membership in the first four would run you around $500 - $600 per year...Least expensive with the most ground all over AZ is Roadrunners, but Weaver has the most total ground in the Rich Hill area and at $25/yr. is very affordable....24K pretty much has the actual Rich Hill area nailed ... Join 'em all, find an ounce and you're hunting awesome and historical ground for free...

I have claim maps showing them all that you can click on below...Cheers and happy new years...Unc

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