Outing with GB Ron and friends

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Hello All,

Today a small handful of guys gathered for a day of nuggetshooting. The weather was absolutely beautiful, with just a slight breeze through out the day. The guys that attended are pictured below -

(Left to Right) Brandon, Glenn, Gold Bug Ron, Jesse and I (not pictured)


We all started out in one patch were I was confident everyone might be able to score at least a nugget. Brandon, Glenn and I were swinging GP3000's, while Ron was using the GP Extreme and Jesse with a XT18000.

I showed the guys the potential areas to find nuggets, and then we all pretty much headed our own directions. After about an hour, I was able to hit a small gold nugget on some newly exposed bedrock. Jesse watched me unearth the nugget, and was amazed! Later that day I was able to uncover another small nuggets not far from the first. Unfortunately I was the only one able to score in this area, so after about 4 hours, we decided to take a brief lunch and think about another location.

After lunch, I had another spot in mind where minimal GP's have been. After arriving at the second spot, everyone was re-vamped and ready to give the goldfields hell. I pretty much pointed out some potential spots, and everyone once again took off in search for that elusive metal.

Brandon and I headed to a spot where I found a nice 1/2 ounce nugget many years ago. Not more than about 30 minutes, I got a nice faint signal just below a small tree. I called Brandon over to listen, and he was able to hear the signal also. I continued to dig, and the signal got stronger and stronger. Eventually I was able to uncover a nice 3.6 Dwt's nugget at around 14 inches.

Not long after I recovered that nugget, Brandon heard someone yell over the hill. Gold Bug Ron was able to score his first Arizona gold nugget! Yahoo...... "Congrats Ron on your first AZ nugget."

Ron's First Arizona Gold Nugget! Congrats...


Well after Ron and I both hit nuggets, the moral was definitely boosted! Jesse and Brandon were hot on the nugget's trail. I decided to check out Ron's nugget, so I left Brandon in the area where I just scored the nice 3.6 Dwt piece. It is always nice when most of the group can score, but don't happen all the time.

I walked over to Ron, and he showed me the location of where he just uncovered his first AZ nugget. Ron and I chatted for a bit, but since it was almost 5pm, I decided to let Ron continue his quest for gold nuggets.

I hunted around some new areas, and tried to point Jesse in some likely spots. The XT18000 was not performing well, and it was giving Jesse some frustrations. Later I decided to see if Brandon had any luck.

I noticed Brandon moved out of the area where I found the nugget, so since it was getting late, I gave it another quick run. Not far from where I found the first piece, I was able to recover a nice 1 Dwt specimen.

Nuggets I recovered today, 5.6 Dwts


Jesse, Brandon and Glenn were not able to score nuggets today, but Glenn did have a nice piece he found the day before in a different area.

Glenn's quartz/gold specimen recovered from another location


Well even thought everyone did not score today, we all had a great time and the weather was unbeatable. I was able to see Gold Bug Ron find his first AZ gold nuggets, which was worth more than any nugget I could have found today.

Total Nugget count was 5. I located 4 and Gold Bug Ron found 1. My total weight was 5.6 Dwt's.

Take care everyone,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob that trip was great, the weather could not have been more perfect and to top it I got to see that beautiful nugget you dug out. Good going. I tell you what you amaze me every time we head out into the field. Next time you tell me to say in an area I am not going to move more than a few feet :lol:

Goldbug Ron Congradulations once more, it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can get out again next time you are in town. We can cause more trouble at Taco bell :P .

Happy Hunting,

Brandon 8)

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Hi Guys, What a great time I had yesterday. And what a great bunch of friends I have made. If Glenn reads this, it was a pleasure riding up Rich Hill with you. I really enjoyed the conversation.

I am over at my sister's house, using her computer. After the call from Rob last nite I had to read the thread.

I think I will stay until Sunday, got to give that hillside another go with my Joey Pro, I feel the need for a few more Arizona nuggets. Another day out with Rob, yeaaaah!!! That way I can go to the Gold Show on Sat.

Jesse, keep at it and you WILL find your first nugget.

Brandon, don't let any more chocolate melt in your truck.

Goldlbug Ron

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Hello Lonny,

Ron is sticking around for a few more days. We are going to see if we discovered a new patch area. Will keep you all informed. I'm looking forward to beeping some CA Pits. Make sure you guys leave some nuggets for me! :D

P.S. Heard you hit a nice piece in one of the pits. Congrats.

Rob Allison

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Guest beeperdude

Wow looks like you guys are having too much fun over there in az. I

would have loved to come out there but I'm getting settled after moving

from So. Cal up to No. Cal. Hey Lonny wsup! (glenn) :) I have an unrelated question about changing my email address on here. I tried to change it but my password don't match so I can't change my password cause my email don't match???? :roll: Help!! Well I hope I can find some

gold up here after GB Ron and Lonny have cleaned up so well! :)

Have fun out there in AZ guys and find some more gold to help the

rest of us keep the fever. 8)

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Hello Beeper,

About the email, I can delete your from the forum, and you can register with the same unsername, but different email or password. Let me know, and I will nuke you, and you can re-register again with whatever you like.

Ron said he has those spots cleaned out. Start looking for new ones... hehe... :D

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob,

Remeber this hunt. If you have the pic saved some where will you email them to my home email.

Hey Goldbug Ron if you are still out there how's it going. When will you be coming back to AZ???

Happy Hunting,

Brandon 8)

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