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There have been polls on different sites, for “best dealers†and what detector you’re using, your favorite coil, what’s your favorite pick or accessories, and ect. What about paid lessons on detecting w/ the various new detectors? Seems more people are getting into it. Prices vary quite a bit, which must be taken into account, as free lessons with purchase. Maybe a poll, is too political, let me put it another way.

You pay for a lesson; what do you expect for your money? Just check your settings, be taken to a good area, and turn you loose on your own? The “teacher†wear a splitter for the headphones and listen to what you are hearing, or you they, and basically staying with you, during the lesson?

Curious mines want to know? I’m not trying to stir any crap, it’s just Sunday evening and I have to wait another 145 hours before I can go out again!

Those who offer lessons can also, give input as to what they will do-

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When I take someone out for a instruction sesion, I take a spliter, so I can walk beside them and listen to the targets they are hearing or not hearing, Unless they tell me they know there machine already and don't want to do thatr. I show indicators to look for, and help on coil s, {the best for the area. I also help instruct them on target recovery, alot of people have trouble doing this, once its out of the hole. And I take them where there is a better than average chance of getting a big nugget, {meaning over a pennyweight in size} or better. I take them mostly to private property, where it has not been pounded to death by others. I answer questions about the area or other near by areas to hunt, where public access is easy, and there is gold. And then I either turn them lose on there own, if they want and feel like they can do everything. But stay close and in contact incase some question or some thing is needed. So far I have given about 5 instructions lessons, and about 3 times they have found gold, a couple have not. But that you can't garanty to anyone, only that you can put them in an area where its at. Now I'm not talking a whole desert, I'm talking areas about 3-4 football feilds in size. Anyway thats how I do mine, the hardest part is getting them to dig everything, don't second guess your detector, its just a tool to help you find the target in the ground, Don't be afraid to try different settings, your not going to mess up, only learn. The hardest person to try to teach to nuggethunt is a coin shooter, they don't want to dig it all, they want to discrimiate, and with PI's you can't really trust that. I have tried it out on too many nuggets to know if you rely on that your going to miss gold. Grubstake

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Lets see here, some were paid lessons, some were not. But I took Pondmn out, he found gold his first trip, I took Shep out, he found gold the fisrt trip, I took Brent out, he did not find gold, Flak I took out, he did not find any with me. I took Jim Owens out, He found gold, I took randy out twice, he has not found any yet, but is still going strong. Jerry Balcer has detected with me many times, I think he finally found some. I have put me and my uncle and Shep on about 4 pounds, I think Shep has about 7 oz's since he hooked up with me, my uncle a pound or more, I have sold about two pound in the last couple of years or traded it off. Larry Moser up here, was a coin hunter, He;s still learning, he is one who does not want to dig it all. He passed up a target, I dug it, it was a 1/4 oz nugget. Folks you really need to dig it all, nugget hunting is not a lazy mans hobby. Learn your machine, go out with it, get confident with it, and dig some more. Grubstake

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  • Admin

Hello Shep and All,

Well I'm not going to break down what I do for field instructions since I think my training is unique. I heard some dealers spend about 15 minutes and call it quits with the customer(s). I've even heard of all the promises the dealer tells the customer before the sale, but the customer finds out they never will get the support and field instructions like they were promised.

I spend the entire day with the customer if he purchases a new Minelab Metal Detector. I don't do any outside training anymore, my training is for new puchases only. Many dealers used to charge $150-$300/day for instructions for non-detector puchases, but most have gone away with this.

I get a lot of calls where a customer wants to purchase from another dealer or Kellyco, but wants me to spend the entire day with him. :( Due to my schedule (a very busy one) I only dedicate my time to customers that purchase from me. This is part of my service, 110%! Purchase from me and you will get all the training/support you need, more than a day if needed.

P.S. I know it might sound crappy, but why would someone want to spend $4000 on a new detector and not get the training and support along with it? :mellow:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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