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Got out Saterday with a few friends. Went to an old hydrolic pit mostly just to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. After walking around for about 4 hours, digging the usual nails, boot tacks, bits of old picks 2 feet deep and lead bullets, I moved a rock of the side of a little bench and there it was, my first nugget of 2007, 1 penny weight even. One of the other guys already had 2 nuggets but they were bigger than mine so I kept on going up the hill to the top, cleared off all of the rocks, about a 5 foot long by 1 foot deep area and gave it a check. The noise from the 2.7 penny weight nugget made think it was a nail but you know the old saying, if you do not see it, you never know what it is. Glad I checked. I called one of my other partners over, he is still in quest of a 1 penny weight or better nugget so he could take over the area and maybe score but all he got was a small match head size nugget. All in all, a great day, 6 nuggets totaling 8.1 penny weight, truly and extrodinary day in an old hydrolic pit.

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Good going Mike, Now lets see your one ozer, I'm still looking for mine. Grubstake

Grubstake, I am still looking for mine too. Closest is only 12.7 dwt.

Glen, you know the spot. Next time we go there, we will roll some more rocks. Yours is comming.

Thanks guys. Its still out there, you just have to keep at it and change up a little, do something out of the normal. Check all targets or I will when I come behind you......


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