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Have only used DD coils with my Gp 3500. What kind of a learning curve is invloved in learning to use a mono coil versus a double D? Is ground noise the only difference? I have also heard that it is more difficult to pinpoint with a mono, is that so? How much more real depth is gained with a mono of the same size and shape? Thanks for the input.

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I started with a MONO on my GPX and never accuired a taste for the DD. To me, the DD is more stable/quite and it makes me feel that I am missing small targets. On my old Whites VSAT, I started with a standard mono coil then when the DD came out for it, I tried it and will not go back. I guess it all comes down to what ever you get used too or have the most faith in. You can look at it like this, use one coil one time, change out to another and hit the same area again the next time. See what you missed or not. Its all a game..........


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Hello Dredgebug,

Searchcoil configuration (DD vs. Mono) is kind of like a preference for nuggethunters. If the ground seems to be hot (very mineralized) the DD's are more stable. The trade-off might be a slight loss in depth and sensitivity vs. a mono on that same ground.

I try to use a Mono Searchcoil everywhere I can. On the GPX-4000 this is much more possible vs. the prior GP models. A Mono Searchcoil will give you greater depth at the hot spot, more sensitive to small targets, hot on the outer edges and is easier to pinpoint with.

The only time I would use a DD is if I couldn't hunt the ground with mono or the area was so trashy it would require the use of the discrimination feature.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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