Cal Gold in Pasadena CA Burglarized!

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I wanted to make this post to get the word out about this and hopefully help my local prospecting shop out.

About two weeks ago Cal Gold located in Pasadena California was burglarized and here's a list of the items the thieves stole.

Metal Detectors-

1. Compass "Discovery"

2. Compass "Millenium Baron" Serial number 923-0039-mtb

3. Fisher "Coin Strike" serial number 10220202

4. Fisher "CZ-20" serial number 10242467

Misc. items stolen-

Demo box of loupes

Estwing E-30 Rock Hammers (3)

So everybody out there please keep your eyes peeled. Any information would be very helpful! Unfortunately in Pasadena the local police have bigger problems and they don't really follow through with burglaries. So the chances are the thieves will get away with the goods. I figured making this post could help.

If anybody comes across any information, you can contact Cal Gold at (626) 792-6161, ask for Larry or Leone.

Again I thank everybody out there who can help these guys out. Maybe with this post something might come out of it.

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Boy I hate people that steal, Prob. end up at a swap meet somewhere for drug money. Sorry about the lose. Grubstake

These detectors may up on EBay--that's the place to look for them...

If the seller refuses to furnish a serial number, that's a tip-off of a hot item.

("Hot" meaning stolen, in this context--not like a hot seller...)

Prospector Al

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Jeez, what a shame! At least they didn't take a whole rack of GP4000s or something! Still sucks!

I've been wanting to visit them... will make it a point to patronize their store.

Speaking of crooks, reported 2 identical 1-day ebay listings for "new GP3500 $700 free UPS worldwide" again today.

Best luck to Cal-Gold!!


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Thanks for the concern everybody! I don't expect anything to come out of this and most likely the thieves will get away. However I figure getting the word out wont hurt. Thanks

Goldmember, just to let you know the GP3500 deal your referring to on eBay is a scam that has been happening for quit while now. I've reported these guys (there's like 3 different people pulling Minelab scams on eBay) probably over 1,000 times and eBay doesn't seem to care.

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  • Admin

Hello Paseclipse,

I will keep my ear open for anyone trying to peddle these items. I would also contact Fisher and let them know about the detector and the serial numbers in case someone tries to send them in for warranty work in the future.

I hate to hear about theft!

Rob Allison

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