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Been alot of stuff flying around on different forums, about costomer service, so I wanted to piont out some things, I have bought stuff from all the dealers at one time or another, Rob is a man with a job, tring to better himself, by going to college, and working long hard hours, and he still runs his detecting bussiness, with first class service, Bill is holding down a job, and does the same, customers are priority. They are both tops. Doc has very good service also. The products are pretty close, some are better than others, but when a guy detecting wants something, he wants it yesteday, So fast speedy service is what makes or breaks a company, Rob will have his a long time, and so will Bill with Doc. Service is and should be #1. With Rob it is, he and Doc and Bill go the extra mile. Rob has sent me many things, before I even get the money in the mail, and so has Bill. These are hard working honest people. They will always have my bussiness. Its an earned thing not a right. They have earned my respect and I consider them friends. A hard thing to come by, friends you can count on. I guess what I'm saying is I'm for the average guy that works for a living. I just wish all were like that. Grubstake

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Rob Is a hard worker, with a goal in life, and he's not affraid to work for it! He always gets my bussiness and my recomendations. The working men of this country, made it, I take my hat off to them all. Grubstake

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I would have to agree, I've dealt with all of them, and received excellent service. Rob on the other hand, I believe goes the extra two miles. I'm aware of many times where Rob has driven many miles to meet customers to deliver something they needed yesterday, even when he's not making a dime on it. He sells the customer what they need, not what he makes the most on. I know of quite a few times Rob talked someone out of a more expensive product because he knew they wouldn't be happy with it or it was simply overkill for their situation. Some businessmen would call that a bad business practice, but I believe it's why Rob got into the business in the first place, to meet the needs of hobbyists, not make a killing. I think there are a lot of businesses that could take a lesson from Rob. Later...Jim P.

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Jim, I agree with you 1000%, Yep Rob has even given me stuff, but so has AZO I won a DVD from them, not knocking products, just stateing in my opion the ones that TAKE CARE OF THERE COSTOMERS BEST. With all Rob has going on, he really needs to be three people, but he has Dawn, and although I have not met her, I have talked to her, Robs luck to have her and her support. Grubstake

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I have only delt with Rob and Bill one time each.

Both talked me out of buying items I did not need and pointed me to items I did need.

Both men when out of there way for this newbie.

Bill opened his shop up in the middle of the night for me.

Rob hand delivered my order to me in Wickenburg (probably mispelled, but oh well).

Both are great dealers and willl get my orders.

Y'all be safe.

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  • Admin

Hello All,

Thanks for all your comments. I think all the Online and Prospecting Shop try, some just put a bit more effort into it. Prospecting is a passion of mine, so I contribute 110%. :)

What I tell everyone is, if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to call, email, private message or post a question(s) here on the forum. If I can't help you out, I will find someone that can.

Take care all,

Rob Allison

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