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Cost of gas is what's keeping me home and on this computer.In 61 I was in the AF out of Merced Ca. and could make the 1700 mile drive for 25.00$. Now that amount won't half fill my Ford Ranger.

We white man came over here the Indian man hunted and fish with the women doing all the work.Yet we wanted to improve on this.

My only hope is to be reincarnated and come back as Jack Rabbit in Az. and then maybe I can hunt for gold.

What did the Indian have to do with my problem,well nothing I just put it in to fill up this page. :rolleyes:

Full of bull in Texas Anders. :P

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Your right Ridgerunner, it cost me $50.00 to fill my Ford Ranger up here in Mariposa, at $3.49.9 a gal. I remember the good old days, when gas wars were going on, gas for as low as .13 cents a gal. Not that way any more. I can remember when ciragrettes were just 11 cents a pack. long gone! May have to start hunting and fishing again, if bullits don't get too high. 22 season on dear is open all year long up here. ;);););):lol::lol::lol: Grubstake

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Hey Grubstake,

$50.00 is not so bad to fill your tank full. That would fill my old diesel about half full. But then I have a 38 gal. tank on it.

Guess the upside is it still gets 20 or 21 mi. per gal.., beats the heck out of the 12 mi. per gal. that I used to get on my 460's.

Gas here in Quartzsite is $2.97 and diesel is $2.87.

Bob T.

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I haven't seen it under $3.23 in about a year, this is a tourist hot spot, so the rip offs go on. I try to get my gas in Merced, its about 20 cent a gallon cheaper, than here. We make a trip once a month and get our food and such down at Costco and Savemart. half the price it is up here. Grubstake

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I'm kinda young, but the lowest gas I ever saw was 87¢ I would love to see that again, but it's not in the cards. I'm sure everyone would be making more trips if prices were lower, it just makes it pretty impractical to go long distances too often.

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Spare us guys here in OZ some of your fuel as we pay US$1.12 per liter or US$5 per gal so what are you guys worried about :D but your right I to think that the rising price of fuel is keeping more at home

thanks Martin

Hello Martin, I think you may have imperial gallons and US gallons mixed up. 1 imp gallon = 4.546 liters, 1 US gal=3.7853 liters. At the moment in Central Queensland I am paying AUD$1.18 for diesel (USD$0.98) and AUD$1.28 (USD$1.06) for Petrol (gas in US english :D ). That works out at USD$3.70 for diesel and USD$4.02 for petrol. Still bad, just not quite sooo bad. Lets hope our gold to mileage ratio is better. :P

Frank (echidna)

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that's the problem with inflation- we never had it so good and it never went so fast!

without the gold standard for currency, the only thing a politically motivated currency can guarantee is that the monetary standard will lose value, and that value is what the politicians or banking system says it is.

Like billy clinton's supposotory: "it all depends on what your meaning of "is" is.

No, really folks, the oil company has figured out to keep the prices and income stable and reflective of 1970 buying power of the currency. which means that $3.50 today, gets one the same amount of gas that $0.25/9 got you in 1970.

maybe the correct word is supposition. either way, bend over because here it comes- the future of america from the top THEM, to the LOWLY you!

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