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Hello All,

Sorry it took forever to get at least part of the story up, but been extremely busy on my end. Many might remember that Grubstake Gary invited Leaverite and I up for a hunt several weeks ago. I must tell you; this was one of the best trips I have even been on. California has so much "Eye Candy" from the gold, nature and landscape.

Leaverite and I left early Sunday morning and arrived in Mariposa around 5pm. We both were a bit tired from the long drive, so we decided to visit Gary. We were not going to start hunting until early Tuesday morning, so Grubstake suggested we visit the Fairgrounds to see one of the best gold and mineral displays in the country.

Monday Leaverite and I checked out the Fairgrounds and seen some beautiful California gold and tons of mineral specimens from around the World. We also decided to take a trip down to the Merced River and check it out. Man, talk about crystal clear water.... I wished I could have dropped in a dredge, but the dredge season didn't start until the following weekend.

Well, here are some pictures of gold specimens I took and what the Merced River looks like.

More coming soon....

Rob Allison

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Yep, Rob. That Calf. State mining and Mineral museum is one of the tops in the country, I'm glad you had a good time, now post your gold, I know you got better pictures than I did. Sat. Shep, my uncle Pondmn and me are heading for the patch again. Before it gets too ungodly hot. I have to find a few good ones or atleast one big one, to Get things rolling again. I'm tired of getting skunked! Its my turn guys. Grubstake :lol::P

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Wow! those are some cool pictures. Sounds like you hade a good time, time being the key word,just not enough! I did a dredging trip up that way about ten years ago and wished I could have stayed the whole summer! When I win the lottery I will get that trip.


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