"Early Morning Sunday Hunt"

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Hello All,

This morning Leaverite and I headed up to the higher country to try our luck in a new spot. The area is somewhat remote, so we left around 3am in the morning. We arrived at the spot around 5:30am and geared up for the long hike.

After about 6 hours of continuous nugget hunting we ended up with 14 gold nuggets. We also dug several pounds of iron rubbish. Old-timers placered and worked some of the lodes in the area.

The area shows good potential for more nuggets. However, the amount of trash makes it frustrating to hunt.

We both were using the Minelab GPX-4000's and Coiltek 10x5 Joey Mono Searchcoils.

<Pictures below> Nuggets on the right side of the coil are mine, left side are Leaverite's. Right at 1/2 ounce worth of nuggets. Biggest nugget was just under 3 Dwts.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Way to go, Rob & Dennis...Those are the nice chunky jewelry quality nuggets I love to see and find...Send me the GPS and I'll go clean all the trash out with my junky ol' sd2100 so's y'all can come back and hunt just for nuggets with your 4K's... :lol: ...I would be willing to make the sacrifice And I promise to leave all the "small nuggets at depth" ... :D Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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That is impressive, those kind of scores are why I bought a detetcor.

Maybe I need one of those "better models"....1st I need to find a patch then maybe I will get one GPX 4000 or whatever it is.

I have 4 dredges to sell and bunch of stuff............so I can go find more gold

~~~~~~~Those are beauties~~~~~~~

I found two rattlers, poison oak and more trash on Sunday than I could dig...Trying again tomorrow dammit..

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Hello Guys,

Was hoping to get back to this spot, but it's going to be 115-116 degrees! :( After looking at the maps, there are a other spots that I have hopes for.

GotGold - I wrote you back a PM about the samples. I will have to bring in a mule. :P

Uncle Ron - Most of the larger nuggets were right on bedrock, or very close. The smaller ones were down at depth. I like finding new spots, you don't have to crumb crunch for dinks, at least not right off.

Take care all,

Rob Allison

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