Todays hunt

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Well this morning, the old Mr. Shep and Miner Matt and my ucle Allen and I , hunted Matts mining claim, we all got skunked, but had a good time,in the hot and humid weather. We hunted untill about noon, and called it quits. Heres some pictures, of Shep, Matt and my uncle. Now you talk about trash and metal , you should see matts claim the famous Whitlock mine, here in Mariposa. all had a good time. Next weeken is out treasure hunt up in Solomon Canyon. Grubstake

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Hello Grubstake,

Miner Matt ordered a bunch of stuff when I was out of town. He mentioned through a PM that you guys were coming up, so I was curious what you guys might turn up. I'm sure there is gold there, you just have to get that searchcoil over it!

Thanks for sharing the story and pictures with us.

Rob Allison

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Grubstake is right rust rust and more rust. But we all had a good time in the hot humid weather.

The gold is here it is just gitting passed all the metal in the ground.

If I knew how I would post a picture of the mine in the 1890's on the forum.

Maybe someone could do it for me?

Search for the Whitlock mine 1890's on the web and there is a neat picture of it on there that could be used.


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