My uncles new toy

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Well my uncle has been riding with Shep or Jerry, on some of our hunts. So I saw an add on the local market for a 83 Yamaha 200 three wheeler, for $275.00 so we went and looked after the hunt today. He got a deal, The guy took $200.00 and gave him an extra mounted tire and rim It runs pretty well and looks good, Doesn't have reverse, or an electric starter, but starts just fine with the rope starter. Had a clear title and a off road sticker good untill 2008. Heres pictures. Grubstake Yeah we know its a three wheeler, but Allen said: Hell I'd pay $200.00 to see an ant eat a bale of hay. Better than walking.

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Hey Grubstake,

Glad to hear your Uncle got a new set of Wheels! :D Hey, I used to own a 83 Honda 185S 3-wheeler. I ran that SOB so hard and it never quit! Those 3-wheelers can take a lot of abuse, but if you do just the basic maintence on them, they will run forever ....

Tell your Uncle Hi for me.

Rob Allison

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I will Rob, showed him your nugget today, he was pretty impressed, two Octhedrens in it and a crystal with gold on the inside of the crystal. Matt saw it too, and Shep. Will be getting it too you soon, Prob. on Monday I will send it out. Pm me your address, or do you want it to go to your old one. Grubstake

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