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Here are the best artifacts that I have found at the Whitlock mine.I have not found any gold with my detector there but artifacts like these allways tell a story and to me that is as good as a nugget.

The hammer head is a Dego style they were only made bye a man at the Knights Foundrey at Sutter Creek CA.They were only used for drilling rock(single jacking)

The other hammer head is a hot chisle used by a blacksmith.It has Fort st. Sacramento stamped on it.Did it come from Sutters Fort?

The drill steel was made bye a blacksmith around 1880 it is hand forged for a steam powerd rockdrill.

The little horseshoe is one of my favorites I have found three of them in my tailings pile.This tells me that the mine had donkeys underground.

The shootgun and the bayonet well you could day dream about those all day.

The lamp was in a old carbide can that was at the mine.and the pedestal was dug at two feet to bad it is broke but I like it anyway.

Rob thanks for the new forum!!!!!!!!

Take Care,Matt

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Miner Matt,

Some nice stuff you have there.

I found an old miners pick in the forks of a tree while nugget hunting. They are short and heavy built.

I can't tell from the photo, but are you sure that the bayonet, is a bayonet, and not an old candle holder that was used in the mines. I have saw some candle holders that look very much like that.

Bob T.

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