What is the best Coin/Relic Machine

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What would be the best coin/relic detector regardless of the price? If I was asked that question regarding gold machines it would be hands down the GPX. I am a nugget hunter, but work in school construction/modernization and have been thinking of getting a coin/relic machine. I have read the advertisements for the White's line and the Minelab line like the Explorer SE, Minelab Exterra 70 and some of the other less known machines in magazines. I have also started to read threads on the forums. It seems that some machines tell you what is in the ground like the White's, but do others do that as well? Is there a machine that is hands down the best for this type of hunting, or is it just personal preference? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



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I think it has alot to do with personal preference.My self I wouldn't give up my whites XLT for any other machine at this moment.I can almost all ways tell you what I'm going to dig up.

Now the guys that have the DFX's are starting to realy learn them and going over old ground that they worked with the XLT and finding a few more coins but would the XLT of found those if it was in there hands that day?

I know nothing about any other coin and relic machine so I can not coment on them.

Take care,Matt

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hi all, i have to go with the explorer 2 ,i love mine the more i get to know it the better i like it. ive had it about 4 yrs now .ive got 2 freinds with whites and ive been able to find silver in spots where they have repeatedly pounded over and over. i let my freind use it in az. while i use my 3000 and hes had some nice finds.good hunting, tool

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  • Admin

Hello Matt,

I know I sell a lot of the Minelab Explorer 2's, and now the Explorer SE. I've gotten a lot of very good feedback on them. Now since I have a coin/relic forum, I'm hoping some of them will post some of their finds.

I personally can't say much, my speciality is gold nugget hunting.

Hopefully others will give some feedback.

Rob Allison

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