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Wanted to take the time to thank Rob and Dawn for all the help and great customer service. I have been watching this forum for the last few months reading everything I can. I finally decided to get a detector and after talking to a few dealers I not only felt that they had the best deal on a new detector they were just plain great people to talk with. I want to recommend that anyone else thinking of buying a detector to do so from these two people. Thanks again and happy hunting.

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I have to agree with you on that Rob and Dawn are too great people.I'm jealous that he came to see you and didn't come to see me when I got my detector from him.I know he just don't go and see just any petty face.It would help me if you could find gold in San Antonio TX.but I don't think that's going to happen.

What I like about Rob is that he's a friend to anybody that will let him be.No Grub all this kissing up don't get me a better price because he sales to all the same.The best part of Rob's price is what he can show and tell to make you a better nugget hunter.

Hope today is better being I think you said your going detecting tomorrow and I know you can stand on your head for one day.

Chuck Anders

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