Goin' to Rattlesnake Canyon tomorrow if anyone want to join

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I will be going out to Rattlesnake Canyon tomorrow (Sunday, Aug 10) Got some new leads on some hot spots out there that have not been pounded to death (hopefully)if anyone wants to meet up PM me.....


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Thanks Rob, And like I was telling you on the phone, it was because of Richard that I was able to find my first nugget out in Rattlesnake canyon. Though I never met him I can tell from the articles he wrote and stories I have heard from his friends he was a great guy and detectorist. He didn't leave much gold behind out there in Rattlesnake :lol:

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No luck today. The super secret spot isn't so super secret I guess. Been worked to death and then some. Word spreads fast I guess.

Screw the heat!! I am coming to Arizona!!!!! I am going to try and make it out the weekend of the 23-24th. Tired of getting skunked :angry2: .

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Hey DigDeep,

I would love to hunt with you here in Arizona, but it's the same old game. Sometimes you get skunked, sometimes you turn something up. Most of the easy spots have been really hammered hard. Most of the better locations I know of and been playing around at are very remote and require quad only to access.

I know how it is to want to hunt another State or area, but sometimes "the Grass isn't always Greener" in a different location or State. However, hunting different locations from time to time does break up some of the repetitiveness of seeing the same old ground.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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