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Is the 4500 less sensitive to pieces/shavings of lead (fragments) from bullets compared to the sd 2100. I have been finding alot less bullet pieces and much shallower since I started using the 4500. When I test the 4500 on gold nuggets VS the 2100 it gets 5 times the depth / way more sensitive by far but with lead it seems the 2100 picks lead up deeper (air test). The pieces are thin shavings of bullet. It is actually more sensitive in Enhanced compared to Normal timings.

Funny thing is though, with 22 cal bullets the 4500 pick those bullets up about twice the depth of my old 2100 :blink: .

Any thoughts....



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Hello DigDeep,

I'm still finding all kinds of small bits of iron rubbish, lead & small gold nuggets.

Something to think about .... You really don't know what you're missing if you didn't know it was even there! If you don't get a signal on something, you will never dig it, so you would never know it was there (could be iron rubbish, precious metals, meteorites, coins .... ). :mellow:

I'm sure we are missing targets, including gold that is very small or very spongy in nature. :blink:

Strange that you're missing small pieces or fragments of lead though.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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