14" Coiltek Goldstalker

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What do you guys think about the 14" Goldstalker, is it more sensitive than a commander 11"mono round? I am sure the CT will go deeper but I am going start aiming for the small stuff. The area I am hunting in is know for really small gold and I am going to start running smaller coils and stop going for the glory nugget with my big coils. The area has been hit pretty hard with VLF's (RD and friends) so I would like to go a little deeper than what they were capable of.

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Hey DigDeep,

If you go back and look at the four gold nuggets I found last weekend, you will see they are pretty small. The smallest one might be 1.5 grains. The 14-inch Goldstalker is very sensitive and does get slightly more depth than a 11-inch round. However, if you're looking for the smallest gold nuggets, I would think about a Coiltek Joey 10x5 Mono Elliptical or the Minelab Commander 8-inch Round Mono. Both of these coils are deadly on small gold nuggets.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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