Father and son need to buddy up accomplished nugget hunter

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Hello,Dad 43 son 18 ,we have river dredge 2" ,dry box, pans and accesories,camping gear etc.from bastrop texas coming to prospect arizona,gpaa members ,second timers,first outing found 28 flakes 2 hours here in texas ,would like to see nuggets in pan. NON drinkers smokers etc.Like to buddy up w/experience there in arizona ,even if we cant find buddies all suggestions gladly welcomed were quite capable on our own but prefer experienced company,were both used to plenty manual labor and fun.all suggestions welcomed.Thanks God bless ,Dale & Michael.

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Dale; a good place to start is the Weaver Mining District aka AAMD...PO Box955, Congress Az 85332 phone is 928-427-6344....

$ 35 a year and easy access...there are other clubs but they cost a bit more...I am near San diego or I would be happy to get together.


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Hi Dale

It's like Fred said the Weaver Mining is the best price in town for a club with lots of claims.Most of the claims are near Stanton Az. and some may be at the bottom of Rich Hill but can't say for sure.Early in the fall you do sometimes have running water in the creeks to work with but again I don't know how much rain they have had around Stanton this year.

Uncle Ron on here has maps he sales showing most are all the claims around Stanton with different clubs and it's a great help to know what claim your on.

Just when do you plan to make the trip? I plan on going when I know it will stay cool being I've had all I want of summer.You will find me just down the road from you in San Antonio but hope not long.

I don't dredge are play in the water any more not saying I want do it but I do nugget hunt and thats what I like the best right now.

If you do meet up with Fred you will like him for he is a nice guy and willing to help in anyway he can.If you just got nothing to do and want to talk PM me with your number and let me call you being it's free on my end to make calls.

Take Care!

Chuck Anders

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dale. Water can be very iffy in Az. Claims with dependable water are rarely available. Those who are lucky enough to have a dredging claim keep them forever or sell them at a premium price. Our monsoon season is nearly over and has been very spotty. Some of the gold areas barely got the dust settled. Phoenix got near record rainfall, but just a few miles away there are many places that are dry as a bone. We sometimes get good rain in sept. or oct. but it's not dependable at all. A dry washer would be a good idea. Most of those who don't detect use a dry washer around here.---Bob

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