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My wife, Dianne had her left knee replaced in May and goes into the hospital tomorrow for her right knee to be replaced. The first surgery was a great success and we are hoping the second will go as well. We would ask for your prayers for her surgery and recovery. Thank you Jerry

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Well guys... look to the good stuff... Dianne will then have two good knees

and she will jitterbug from noon to midnight winning lots'a contests

and bringing home trophies and cash awards.

Just hope she doesn't get into coinhunting and enter the West Coasters or AMDA

events and win all of prizes... Or go out nuggethunting and find a poke full of nuggets.

So hide the detectors from her...

Jerry... Give Dianne my Best... I'm glad for her... she was in pain the last time

I saw her...

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Hi Jerry,

I have a very close friend who had both knees replaced two years ago.

I was with him today and he told me it was the best thing he could have done

and is very happy with the results.

I have high hopes that Dianne will feel the same way in a few months.

It is tough on her for sure, but the upside has a lot going for it.

She is in our prayers and our thoughts.

All the best,


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Jerry heres wishing Dianne the best and that her knee replacement surgery goes 100% smooth. While I was recovering from a hip replacement there was a man (age 83 as I recall) who had both knees done at the same time, I was amased at how well his recovery went. Have heard it said knee replacement surgery is like carpentery...wonder if that's true?


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My family is wishing your wife the best. My dad had one knee done right before your wife had her first knee replacement. The first went so well he had the second knee replaced two months ago. The second always goes better because you know what to expect. Take care.


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Thanks for the prayers for Dianne. Her knee replacement went well although she may have to have some more blood due to being anemic. Looking forward to having her detecting with me after three plus years of pain and surgeries. She is more into digging targets than detecting....I know for fact that it is because she considers all gold found hers. Jerry

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Well Jer, no one said being married was 50-50, most of the time is 98%-2%, you detect 98% and she gets 98% of the gold, the other 2% goes for gas. Glad she made it ok, hope she doesn't have to have blood. Mine is O+ but they won't let me give, had too many heart attacks and Malaria in Nam. Grubstake

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Its pretty neat they can do these types of surgery's these days, I wish your wife the Best Jerry make sure she does the physical therapy that is so so important , I know a guy who skipped it and he had to have another surgery.

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Jerry... Over a week has gone by since Dianne had the

knee replacement. Hopefully by now the worst is over and

she is feeling less discomfort and now moving about...

I know the AMDA is having another event in a month or

so at Laughlin. I plan on being there with Gloria. She

is still the primary baby sitter for our oldest great-grand child;

Bella, now six.... Gloria will also soon have another great-

grand child to take care of. Jessie was born a week ago. As soon

as his mother uses up her maternaty leave, we will also have him.

So, as over the past two Laughlin events we were there

"hit and run."

Now I hope that Dianne and you will be at Laughlin, that she

can make the ride...

Which leaves me to confess... I could not download the AMDA

information sent me. My email is basic and I have never updated

and still have "Windows 95" which is now obsolete and my earthlink

is very limited...

So, maybe you will post the information about this years Laughlin

on the "upcoming sub-forum.... "

My Best to All.... Jim

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