A Short Solo Trip

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Hey Guys,

I had another window of opportunity to get back down to the goldfields. And no matter how big the window is, if it leads to prospecting I'll try to fit my 230lbs. through it.

I had all my gear loaded in my truck thursday night, so I could bail right after work on friday.

I spent 10 hours of driving (round trip) for 1-1/2 days of nugget shooting. Once I arived to my spot I did not see a soul for the entire duration of my outing.

The evenings in the back of my truck were a little lonely by myself, and I just dont remember the desert being that quiet at night. The only sound I could hear at times was the ringing in my ears.

I got up bright and early sat morning and hit a nice piece right of the bat, nessled in a small wash hiding under a limb of sage brush. :P

Saturday's high was right around 90 degrees, which is a little warm for me but it was bearable expecially since my gpx-4000, with a 16" Nugget finder ULM was scoring me some gold.

After searching for a few hours and adding a few more to my pouch, I was getting hot and sweaty so I worked my way back to the truck for something to eat. When I opened the cooler I noticed a zip-lock baggie with some freshy cut and washed stawberries tucked up against the block of ice that my lovely wife had packed for me.

Now I have always liked strawberries, but these were perfect plump red, cold berries. Every one was an explosion of wonderful delight. I could not stop until I had eaten the entire bag. Sorry to ramble on about the berries, but they were that good. :D

The only depressing thing about the whole trip was a piece of thick wire I dug at over 2 feet. This hole was so deep I had to retire the pick and break out a shovel.

The achievable depths of pulse induction simply amaze me.

Well I did not find anything real big, but I was rewarded with 5 nuggets and another memorable adventure into the great wide open.

Thanks for reading,


7.6 grams


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Real nice Gus

I stayed out over night a 3 weeks back, had my helper buddy with me and he stayed in the back of the truck and me in my tent, the night was so quite I couldn't sleep I am used to a fan running, cars driving by my apartment with loud music cats fighting I actually use the fan to drown out outside noise I live right across the street from a college student apartment complex and there partying all the time.

Anyhow I took a walk while up there to wizz and got into the pitch black night looking up so so many stars it was unreal don't see them like that here in the valley, and the quiet ringing in my ears LOL I identify with that.

I could here things, critters scampering around in our camp I have one of those 2 million candle flash lights and i'm trying to catch a glimpse of whats in the campground, NOPE no way there to fast all I see are glimpses of whatever the heck they were they were fast :blink: But its nice to get away from all of this now and then its been 3 weeks and I am planning things out for this next week and maybe the weekend if anything I will get away one day during the week call in sick if I have too :spank:

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Nice gold nuggets Gus! I wonder if you have ever been skunked. I don't like to do the overnight trips alone usually, but it sounds like you had a good trip. I know what you mean about the stawberries. When they are ripe they kick ass. No sugar needed. Do they grow strawberries in Idaho? LOL. When I lived in Jackson Hole everything was trucked in and the produce cost an arm and a leg and was never fresh like here in California. Thanks for sharing your trip. Take care.



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  • Admin

Hey Gus,

Great story and gold nuggets. Thanks as always for sharing your experiences.

I stayed home this entire weekend doing stuff around the house. However, did spend several hours researching an area in Arizona and found a place I doubt anyone has ever explored with a modern metal detector. I'm just hoping there might be some gold somewhere in this spot.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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I Have a hard time sleeping with the dead silence too. At one of my gold hunting locations I usually have a little kit fox for company that comes around for scaps after dark. But this place had nothing, no crickets, no wind absolute nada.

I hope you make it out soon, and good luck.


Not sure where the berries where grown, but I think she got them at Costco's.

I have accually been very lucky as far as the skunk goes. In the 6 years I have been gold hunting in Nevada, I have never gotten a skunk. I have come real close one time when I only brought home one nugget.

Thanks Rob,

I hope your new spot works out, Its always fun to do the research first, Have an idea what you are getting into, then go check it out with a detector.

Hope you hit a great big new patch.


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