I'm finding a bit of that Yellow stuff

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Hello All,

I've been a bit quiet since I've lately had a bunch on my plate. However, I have got out a couple of times and found more of that Yellow stuff. Been doing some more testing with the GPX-4500 and the new Coiltek Goldstalker Round Mono's. I know you have heard me say this a million times, but I've so damn impressed with these new coils. I was hoping Coiltek would have designed these coils many years ago (a suggestion I gave them about the lightweight trend), but now is better than never! :blush:

The last couple of trips have been over at Rich Hill where there is some deeper alluvial gravels that can give up some decent nuggets from time to time. Several people have spotted me using these new coils and can't wait until they are released, which I believe will be in a few weeks. I'm also showing the new Goldstalker ellipticals to people around Stanton and they are very impressed. A couple of good nuggetshooters that don't post on the forums were glad to see some new lightweight coils from Coiltek.

I haven't found any Bonaza's (at least not yet), but finding Dwt sized nuggets in old patches at depths I've missed with prior coils and metal detectors.

One major advantage of these new Goldstalkers is their "Stability" and "Smoothness." I've bumped, smacked and tried to get these coils to false with no success at doing so.

Trev, I'm very impressed once again with your Ingenuity! B)

Will get some pictures up soon.

Rob Allison

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