Goldstalker 16" mono coil

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Today was the day that I would be able to get out and test the new 16†round Goldstalker mono coil that I won from the story contest. I have been a little busy as of late and have been anxious to get some time with the new coil.

I went to a spot that I had found some small nuggets in the past. I figured that would be a good spot to try first. There were no more obvious targets in this patch that could be detected with the smaller size coils and a GPX detector.

I made an afternoon trip after spending a nice morning with my daughter and my mother at the park. I arrived at my destination around 2:30 and geared up as fast I as possible could. I wanted to go extremely slow and see if I could find that barely audible target at depth.

Making a pretty tight grid pattern in this small patch, I covered the main sweet spot and decided that I had already got all the nuggets. I was getting ready to leave and go to a different spot when at the outer edge of the patch, I finally got the sound I was waiting to hear. The target repeated from all directions. I know that I had been over this exact spot before, more than once. The target got louder as I got deeper and I was feeling pretty good about this target being gold. At around 12†the target was out of the hole. It screamed in the pile of dirt.

Pinpointing is easy with a mono coil. Since the edges of the coil are hot, I turn the coil to the vertical side and run it over the pile in both directions until I get that strongest sound and grab a handful. I usually get the target in the first grab. Then I dump it a treasure scoop and start the halving process.

The nugget turned out to be a 1.1 grammer! I kept on working out from that spot and I am glad I did. 4 more nuggets in the poke by the time I had to leave. The biggest weighs 2.0 pennyweight. If that gold nugget were any closer to the surface it would have been a sun baker! I was positive that the nugget was just another .22 caliber bullet since I had dug several that sounded exactly the same.

I am really pleased with this new coil. It ran extremely quiet and covers a lot of ground. The sensitivity is outstanding and really pings on the deeper small stuff. I can’t wait to get over the rest of my patches and see what it turns up. Thanks again to Doc, Trevor at Coiltek, and Rob. Take care.



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Hey Matt,

Congrats on the gold nugget at depth. The new Goldstalker Searchcoils are selling very ... very well now. I took all of them out to the 24K Rich Hill claims and many wanted one right away. I also drove through the Stanton Camp and showed them around and picked up another couple of sales right away. Many are requesting me to bring them back out to the pushes this coming weekend so they can check them out.

As for running out of space, you will need to clear out some old pictures. Go into your "My Control" tab on the top right of the forum and you can clear out some old attachments that most probably don't look at anymore. I'm not sure what size of pictures you are using, but you might consider keeping them under like 1000x1000 pixels.

Thanks once again for sharing your story and finds, sure gets everyone pumped up! ;)

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Wes, I'll PM you to make arrangements to get up the hill in the next couple weeks.

Gus, Hopefully I can get out to Nevada and get together for a hunt.

Rob, Thanks for the info on the attachments. Here are the rest of the photos.

Take care.


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