Columbus Day Pendant Nugget from the Vultures

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Yo All....Went to the 24K Club pushes on Rich Hill Saturday where I got the big stinky skunkaroo...So this morning I headed way back into the Vultures to see what I might scare up out of one of my old patches there...Today it was cool enough to switch from my summer white shirt and hat to my fall and winter camo outfit, figuring I could sneak up on those nuggets that were used to the white riggin'....One patch in particular that I've hit very hard this summer with good results, totalling nearly 5 ounces, just keeps calling me back, despite the fact I can't even find a target of any kind there for the past near two months...But today I decided to strap on my little 9x5 Nugget finder coil on to my old SD2100 baboo and poke back into bushes and such...I hunted hard for a couple of hours with not a single target...Then I decided to go to the far extreme of the patch where the ground is solid hot basalt rock that really sounds off, especially on a mono coil...In June or July, I forget which, I scored a solid half ounce slug down in that basalt, which still has me puzzled...It was way up out of the wash and had nothing around it but gray lava looking basalt...So today, I went straight to the spot I found that half ouncer and started working out from that dig spot...Six feet from that spot there was a cholla growing up among some other brush and greasewood...I jammed my little coil back in behind the cholla and, damn, if ol' baboo didn't scream like I'd pinched it's titty...I dug down about 8 to 10 inches, pulling big chunks of basalt bedrock apart, and soon the target was out of the hole...Hot damn... A 6.3 gram slug (exactly 4.0 DWT) that just proves the old saw, "Ya just can't clean out a patch completely, ever." So, anyhow, here's my usual overboard playing with my camera on this beauty...It'll make a nice pendant, don't you think? ....Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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uncle Ron

that is a good one hope you save me a few i will get with this week on those maps that i need sorry no luck on the push but that happens and nice meeting you even though it was short

good luck to come LON

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