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Hi to all,

Just wanted to let you all know that the winners and runner-up's stories have been added to our testimonials page which I hope you all get a chance to re-read as they were great stories. We appreciated all the entrants stories and enjoyed reading them all. I think this comp will need to be re-run at some stage...

There is also a beauty 14ouncer which was found the other month on our latest finds page. I would like to keep this updating as regularly so if you ever wish to submit a latest find we will be pleased to have it on that page.

You can email us at any time submitting your story or just for an enquiry on [email protected] and also use this email to be added to our mailing list for updates from time to time.

Also wanted to say congratulations to Rob on tying the knot... well done mate and all the best to both of you.



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  • Admin

Hey Trev,

The site looks really great. I'm really honored to sell and promote Coiltek searchcoils and products. Doc and his wife were here at the Wedding last night and I couldn't seem to get the words out, but wanted to really "Thank" him for picking me as one of the first Coiltek dealers here in the US. You both have been great to me!

I will have some more Coiltek gold finds posted on my forum when I return home.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Guest Mike C...

Although I currently don't own any coiltek coils and I did'nt enter the contest--I just want to say what you guys did was way cool and no one stands behind their products like Trever and Doc--I wish I could say the same for $@#%$#@$%^&* and have yet to see a contest from them :blink: --I just might have to come back to the other side- :rolleyes: -congrats to the winners ;) -Mike C... :ph34r:

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Trevor, Doc, and Rob-

Thanks again to all of you for the contest and for choosing me for the runner up prize. I have only made it out one time with the new Goldstalker 16" round mono coil since the contest, but I scored some nice nuggets that first run (5 gold nuggets). I will find many more nuggets with this coil when the season begins. I am also amazed with the Goldstalker 14" eliptical mono that Rob gave me with my purchase my 4500. I have used it a few times and have not been skunked. I hit a nice pocket at a measured 20" with the 14" eleptical that gave up 30 pieces of gold, but that is a story for the next contest. With a hit like that I can only imagine what the new 16" round mono will turn up for me. Congradulations to Rob and Dawnie on the marriage! Trevor, thanks for manufacturing the best coil on the market. I can't wait to see what is next. Doc and Rob, anybody that has done business with you guys knows that you provide the best customer service in the industry. Thanks again and take care.



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Hey all,

Thanks for the kind words...

Yeah the site is coming along but it takes alot of time to get the work done. Was hoping to have it completed by now but i think it provides a good reference point. Especially when the products go live.

What do you guys think? What things would the prospector like to see on the site? What pages need more work?

I guess some feedback from time to time helps us develop areas which helps the prospector. So if you do have any thoughts on the website please feel free to email them to me at [email protected]

Great nuggets found with the new coils rob... you will have to let us know when you get your first nugget as a married man...



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