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Hey All!!

Newbie here! Just wanted to say "Hi!" as well as thank the folks that own and run this wonderful website!!

I know pretty much ziltch about prospecting for gold, but am willing to read much of the info that you experienced folks have to say on the subject. I'm living in Reno, Nevada (a GREAT state indeed!!) and have been here since around '82. Born and raised in Michigan; lived there for the first 18-years of my life. Am now 54-years-young and am getting ready to experience whatever Obama and the economy have coming down the pike. (Scary I think!!)

I'm a-wantin' to get me a metal detector so that I can have some fun, get some exercise, and maybe cash in on a little gold!!:-)

I currently am thinking about getting either a Garrett Ace 250 (because I hear it's a great machine for the $$) or a White EXP which is a lot more money, but people say it's just a sweet machine all-the-way-around. Hmmm too many variables for an old fart like me to have to figure out. All I know is that I want to get out into the fabulous desert that surrounds me and see if I can snag a BIG gold nugget or two!!!

My handle, incidentally, is just a silly thing that I thought fitting as I can see myself tattered in rags walking around in the desert with a metal detector searching for gold, and then stepping into some new "duds" after I find that one special nugget.

Anyway, I thank you for your time and whatever opinion(s) you might have on which type of detector I should buy in order to have some success here in this amazing state. I am thinking that I'd like to get up to the Black Rock Desert to have a go with finding some gold with one of the two machines mentioned. I sincerely would love to hear if you folks think a neophyte such as me could get by with the ACE 250, as $$ aren't that plentiful at the moment. However, if you feel that the White is miles ahead of the ACE then I'd certainly like to know that, too.

No matter what; I do thank All of you Folks for taking the time to read my comments here!! Happy trails and good luck hunting!!

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It's good to have you here!Why don't you try to find a detector that would be better for you than just coin hunting.If you don't have the money for a new one go for a good use one.Minelab X-70 are the White's MXT for coins are gold hunting.

Only you know how much money you got to spend.The Ace 250 is not a bad detector but the others will do more for you.

Please don't use the term old farts. :spank: Just farts will be okay being I'm 10 years older than you. :rolleyes:

Look around on the different forums and you may find what you want.On Ebay you can find all kinds and you can get more detector for your money.

Look long and hard before you buy!

Chuck Anders

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Hi Ragman,


As I am three years older than Ridge Runner, I would also

say that farts is better without the adj... just kidding I don't care at all...

One thing about gold detecting that many find out the long 'way around

is that unlike coin hunting, it is a far subtler kind of detecting. It therefore takes

a detector that can respond to the sometimes incredibly faint signals.

Most of the stuff you read and hear about are the big nuggets, but the huge majority

of gold detecting involves finding the very much smaller pieces

that make up something like 98%

of the gold that is detected.

Heck if everyone were finding big pieces we couldn't get into the

detecting areas because of the crowds. So don't believe all the ad's

and the cool pictures. They are good for inspiration but it takes a commitment.

I am not trying in the least to discourage fact I am encouraging you to

jump in...if you read the back pages of these forums you will save yourself literally years of learning.

There are some extremely accomplished hunters in here and they are very open

sharing their experience. However read as much as you can first, before you ask some of

the obvious questions. You will be surprised how many have been answered by many

people in many ways.

I would also suggest that looking into the kinds of detectors that people are having

success with in the field would be a good place to start looking at which kind you will get.

I detected coins for years on and off, this is a whole new ball game it just has

the word 'detecting' in common.

It's not rocket science but it does take some looking into.

All the best with your endeavor,


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Thanks for the replies, All!

Chuck -- I'll not use the f-word again. :spank: I thank you gave great advice in saying that I should look long and hard before deciding on a machine. Not to turn this into a political or gun conversation, but just to say where I'm coming from, I came home after work last night and turned on the radio only to hear part of an emotional sound clip of a US mayor (or some other politician) saying that "Obama needs to make gun-control his top priority." And while I, too, am sickened about all of the shootings of innocent people going on, I don't think I can ever get onboard with doing away with the Second Amendment (because I don't have much faith in the government to allow that). Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I may decide to forego (for the time being) a metal detector and instead stock up on ammo while it's still possible. It's something to think about, right?

Flak -- You made some excellent points and I thank you for them. I will do as you say and peruse past posts to get answers to my questions, as that just makes sense. And your point about people flooding search areas looking for gold if it was that easy was a good point indeed. I watched a video on YouTube the other day as it showed a fellow in Australia pulling a fat nugget out of the ground after his detector located it. From what I could tell it didn't look staged.

nvchris -- Thanks Much for the offer!!! I will do some research on this particular machine for the next few days and get back with you. (If you sell it in the mean time, no problem.:rolleyes:) But as I told Chuck, at the moment the words of that politician are still ringing in my ears. Thus I really need to make a smart choice in how I want to spend the current dollars I have. I hope you understand. :unsure:

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