Will My Steel Knees Interfere With The 4500?

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I am a new member of GPAA and I am getting ready to buy a Mine Lab 4500 and I just read an interview with a very successful old timer gold detector guy who warned metal snaps on your clothes and even fillings from your teeth can give false signals on a good detector, although he has not used the Mine Lab.

Anyone out there with knee replacements using a 4500?

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I don't know of anybody that doesn't have fillings, they don't bother detectors, unless you lay under the coil. :blink:

Metal knees on the other hand do set a detector off if you get evne a little close, even VLF detectors will see them.

I have made the stupid mistake of wearing shirts with snaps ( I know better, but forget) or my watch or wedding ring. If you do that you will think you've found the bonanza until you realize what is actually happening. :wacko:


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I have two metal knee replacements and am using a 4000. Yes it will pick them up if I get TOO close, but I keep the extension rod at full length and have to adjust my swing a bit, but I find gold with it! I swing right handed and have to watch the swing to the left if I am stepping forward with my left foot at that time, so I have made it a habit to swing to the right when left foot is forward. Works well for me.

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Morning DC and ALL: I designed and had made the Super Shaft, the same long lower shaft Allen mentioned. My left hip was replaced and the longer Super Shaft sure helps a bunch. Another advantage of the longer SS is you can easily check out the higher bank areas while detetcingh gullies and get your coil under brush. At first glance the Super Shaft looks identical to the Minelab stock lower shaft...it has the same twist lock nut as on the ML original shaft, is glossy black powder coated and retails for $89.95 plus shipping.

Rob did stock the SS but don't know if he has them now. You can order one from Rob or from me. I charge a Shipping fee of $10.00... don't know what rod charges.

My email addy is: theda32@wildblue.net and telephone number is 928-427-0064.


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I don't know but I never had trouble with my 3500 and I got a steel ball in my left shoulder.Everyone of us must have some scrap iron in us but I didn't know it was so many.

I wonder if they would part us out if they could get one good one??

Chuck Anders

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Hi DC,

My Father has one steel replacement knee. He complains about it often, but he makes due and does find his share of nuggets. He uses a GP-3000.

It will be a challenge for you, no doubt.

I personally like being able to swing my coil right at my feet. He wishes he could but there is no way. Your back will be most affected by having to stretch out a little farther to keep it away from your knees.

Let me mention that we use larger coils, his favorite is the 16" round. I think the smaller the coil that you use the less of a problem you will have. But the smaller the coil, the less depth you will gain for chasing nuggets.

Dad also uses a longer shaft. I believe it is 4" longer than the stock shaft. I bought it for him a few years back as a Christmas present. I paid 50 bucks for it.

Best of luck to you.

Dad actually found a nice 1/2 ouncer last weekend.

Here is a photo of it.



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