Is The 4500 A Good Choice For NoCA Klamouth River Area?

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I am a new member, I am planning on detecting for gold up in Northern California Klamouth River area and am wondering if the 4500 Mine Lab would be a good choice for the ground in that area, or is there another detector that would be better? I would appreciate any insights anyone may have. Thanks - DC

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Just about the best there is. Expect a significant learning curve. Length of time depends on how often you get out, how dedicated and persistent you are. You may find gold the first time out or you may look for over a year to find your first nugget.

I went 8 months, going out near every weekend.

Good Luck,


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  • Admin

Hello DC,

Welcome to the forums. Yes, there are some nice sized nuggets up around the N. Klamath River area. A good buddy has some claims up there and does mostly dredging, but does own a Minelab PI and has some nice nuggets in the area. Like anywhere, you have to have an idea where you're going to hunt.

If you have any questions on the GPX-4500 give me a call. I have one of the best packages available on this metal detector.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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