camping at rye patch

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hi everyone, i just joined and we bought detectors about 4-5 weeks ago. we are going to try rye patch in nevada in a few weeks and would like to know if we can camp in a motorhome out there. i know there is a campground near the lake but we don't want to drive it to the area each day.[ we will be there 3 days] can we just camp out there? and where do we find out exactly where to go. we don't want to end up on someones claim. we are new to all of this stuff so if anybody has any info. on the area we would really be greatfull. thanks

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I would think the campground is a good spot

even though it might not seem that way at first glance.

The roads out there are slate. They cut tires all the time.

Flat tires are common.

I don't remember seeing campers out there, I am not

sure if it's because they aren't allowed (although I seem

to remember that is the case), or what the reason might be.

The campground has showers, a real plus, and it is sheltered

from the frequent high winds.

Above the campground there is a large flat area

that most of have used when a motorhome or a camper

is involved. It gets lots of wind, but it's easy access to

Rye Patch itself, the campground (showers), and the

road out to the stores and the highway.



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Hi Calihunter,

Like Flak said flats are common so carry spares. Camping is allowed at the "claims". Most RV'ers go in at the 3'erd

turn (marked by a stack of tires) but don't worry you can see any RV's from the main road.

As for finding out just where to go stop in Lovelock and go to the county recorders office and ask to view the current

claim status. (just a block west of the only stoplight between the post office and court house) you can buy maps there


Good luck and stay off my my patches : )


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We have never had tire problems either, but then you have goty to use commond sence, dirt roads, only do around 5-10 miles per hour, watch for the potholes, relax take your time, my uncle and I tent camp out there, the hard part is getting it set up, after that keeping it tyied down. Someone want to take a CASE of FLU with them out there? Come by. My wife has one and so do I, your welcome to both case's. :girl::rolleyes: Grubstake

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Ground is not that bad, its one of the few places, where I can run a mono on my 2200sd, bedrock runs shallow to deep, not bad digging at all, I use a pick made out of a plow disk blade, you can't break it, ask ROB or DOC, they have them, life time garanty. Snake, yes, brush yes, it has been burned awhile back, so sometimes you get a good signal off the charcoal, but it will dissapate once you start digging, wind, almost all the time, from a light breez to blowing gail. We use long tent stakes, lots of rope to tie stuff down. Once it was blowing so hard out thee, my uncle saw his truck move{no kidding} had to get up and put it in gear and put the emergency brake on. If you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it will change. Great gold out there. Grubstake

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From what I have gathered by your post, you are ALMOST

prepared for the area. Being overprepared is good, camp

in a spot where you can see your rig when you are detecting,

if you can.

N. Nevada is NOT a good area to break down in, especially in hot weather

or in the more remote areas of the desert, as there can be

few vehicles in some areas. Hot in the day, COLD at night,

the wind can blow hard day & night. Tent camping NOT

recommended, because of the high winds, and blowing

fine dust that will find its way into the best sealed vehicles.

Long distances to walk if you do break down. So wear your

best hiking boots, and plenty of drinking water, energy stuff.

BUT, if you are well prepared, you can have a blast, see lots

of nothing, and if you are lucky, you may find something!

Good luck!


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who is rob and how do i get ahold of him? we are new to this stuff and still learning. does anybody sell maps besides the recorders office? we will be going thru lovelock around 7 or 8 at night and don't really want to drive back from the camp ground in the morning. again i want to thank you guys for the info. calihunter

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Since you live in Auburn, go to Pioneer Mining for some maps. They carry all TOPO maps. Call Rob (the guy who runs this forum) and order a pick. Click on the link at the top of the page for Don't buy the Home Depot pick unless you will use it temporarily. Good luck out there. Wish I could join you.



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I may be out there this weekend.

I have a little white Casita r.v. and a dark green 06 Ford Supercab.

I run around on a little dark blue atv, and if I see you folks out there, I will

stop and say hi, unless you have some big barking watchdogs...

Crystal John is out there digging, and he is always a fountain of

information about who is out on the playa.

If you come from the Rye Patch exit, there is a pizza/bar just before

the state park. Pizza isn't bad and the beer is cold, as I understand.

Weather after WED/Thurs should be good, and warming.

Have a great time!

ADDENDUM: After reading your above post, I will add this information

to hopefully guide you to your goal. At short notice and time for you,

here is a convenient map:

Take note of the instructions to turn at the PILE of tires and turn west, taking it

slowly, as the road is a little rough. You will be able to see other r.vs off in the

distance, and you will know you are close!

Again, Good Luck!


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Yeh, you got that right, $26.00 for a 6 pack to go. I'm glad I don't drink. My drinks are water, coffee, sometime gaitoraid. Not ever beer or hard stuff. Been that way all my life, No drugs, no booze, tryed to set a good example for my kids, They all drink, have done or are doing drugs. I have had a bunch of alcoholics in my family, I don't need that stuff to have a good time, just the great outdoors and being in GODs country, does it for me. Grubstake

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You are a good man for helping total newbies, few people will even reply to them, I try to help the ones local to me when I can.


Thats unreal about paying $4.33 for a beer! Yesterday in a grocery a ragged clothed bare footed couple in front of me counted pennies from the bottom of a backpak to pay for : Her a pack of filter name brand cigs $11.95 , him a pack of Bugeler $9.95, they had a twenty and wanted the clerk to discount the rest, when she refused they asked everyone in line behind them for the difference, everyone refused. I told the clerk to either call another checker and the manager or I was leaving $40 worth of groceries on the belt and walking out.

Someone obivousily supports that bar, you will find that business's that routinly rip off customers don't last long, I would think that the name on that place has changed often.

They use the excuse that its a long way to suppliers, BS, there is no freeway that does not lead to a major city in 4 or 5 hours, even in Nevada.


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Well I'll tell you MAX, I went with him, and Everet too, we had a medium pizza, I had a coke, my uncle had two beer, everett had two, he got the 6 pack to go, and the bill was $78.00. Now that was about 5 years ago, since we been back up there. May have changed since. But thats how it was. I'll never forget the look on my uncles face, when he asked twice how much? Grubstake

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cool, thanks for the info. this is our first trip so we will see what happens. maybe beginners luck? we will stop in lovelock and get maps. what about digging tools? what is the ground like? thanks for the info guys.

Hi Calihunter,

The Apex Picks are also a great choice for you to consider, they come with 3 super magnets and have a lifetime warranty.

They also make a neat pick holster that allows you to carry your pick 'angled' behind you, this helps hide the metal head from your coil & the slant keeps the handle from tripping you.

Wish you lots of luck on your first trip,,, but remember most have to dig lots of trash before digging the yeller stuff.


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