Buying First Detector(PI) TDI vs. SD2100/SD2200

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Hello all, I think I've finally narrowed down my detector choices. I'll be hunting in the Bradshaw Mountains(joining the RRPC{Roadrunners} this month) and it looks like a PI type detector is the way to go.

Both the TDI and the SD2100V2 seem to be manual ground balancing but the TDI looks to have more control over the pulse delay. The SD2200V2 has auto ground balance and is a few hundred more than the TDI. On some threads, there are comments that serious nugget-shooters like the manual balancing better because it gives them more control. Others say people who have manual machines always seem to be fiddling with their detector and less time doing good searching.

The question then is has anyone used the TDI or either of the SD's and finds they are being limited by the type of ground balancing used by that machine? The ground in central AZ sounds like it has quite a bit of mineralization but I'm not sure if it is pretty evenly spread over an area I would likely be searching, or if it's the kind of ground that changes dramatically every 20 feet or so, hence the concern between manual and automatic balancing.

Any replies or thoughts on this subject would be appreciated: Au-dacity

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Hey Au-Dacity,

Both metal detectors are great, but like anything have pro's/con's. I'm partial to the Minelab PI's, so my choice would be the SD2200v2. There are a lot of mods, battery additions and tons of aftermarket searchcoils and accessories for the SD2200v2.

I've used them both and even done some testing between them.

Either way you choose you will have a good nuggethunting PI metal detector.

Wishing you the best,

Rob Allison

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When considering your choice, remember one of the primary factors in whether a metal detector is able to detect nuggets well is determined by how well the machine is able to deal with ground mineralization.

No detector made can compete with Minelabs when it comes to dealing with harsh ground.


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