Question for Steve Herschbach and others

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Question for Steve Herschbach and others

In your article in Steve's Mining Journal (Sept 05, Minelab GP 3500 review) you mentioned the 'DetectorPro Uniprobe'.

I chased that around and could not find any mention of it being used for pinpointing nuggets in the hole.

In 'applications' it only mentions jewelry, relics and coins.

If this unit won't work for nuggets then what are you (and others) using for a pinpointer?

Thanks, LeRoy (Montana)

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I use a pinpointer when coin hunting turf so as to not damage the grass. Most pinpointers will not hit small gold nuggets at any depth. Big nuggets I just dig up, and small nuggets I "pinpoint" with my plastic scoop.

If you wanted a pinpointer for nugget detecting take a look at the Falcon MD-20.

Steve Herschbach

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