Todays hunt with my uncle

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Well to day my uncle I did some exploring, and hunting. no gold, but here's some pictures, they mined the heck out this place, I know there's gold there, no one does as much work as they did, without getting something, and I know they did not get it all. Grubstake

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We haven't quite figured this area out yet, it looks like they just pocket mined the area, that one shaft with the pallet in it is around 30 ft deeo, straight down, then up at the top, it is trenched out, running to another down shaft, thats about 20 ft deep, Some of the bigger rocks in the rubble piles have dill holes fron what loks to be hand drilling , Quartz is all over the place, iron stained, not bull quartz, But there is also plenty of junk laying around, and its going to be hard to detect, but! Maybe, just maybe they missed a pocket or two. Grubstake

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  • Admin

Hey Grubstake,

Great to hear you and your Uncle are out there exploring. It will be just a matter of time until you guys are back onto another virgin gold nugget patch. Can't wait to see the pictures .... oh the invite also! LOL ... :wub::girl:

Dennis and I got out this weekend, but got rained out big time. We still managed to sneak out 1/2 ounce of gold nuggets though.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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