Recent Outing...No Gold

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Well I headed out a few days ago by myself to do some exploration. Ended up at an old hydraulic site, which turned out to be pretty cool. I spent most of my time hiking around, it seemed, and very little actually detecting. I did find my fair share of bullet slugs and birdshot though so at least im doing something right. I also found a suprising amount of bear shit. I'd say a pile every 100 ft in any direction, which kept me lookin over my shoulder constantly. Well anyway I managed to not get eaten and took a few pics so hope you enjoy. In the last pic you can see above the tree's where they were blasting the mountainside.





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Sounds like a great day! What a beautiful place to detect in. Could that have been hydraulic mining up on the hillside rather than "blasting"?

I`m jealous B)

Yea that was from the hydraulic monitors. I guess I meant blasting in the sense of blasting it with water hehe. Definitely a great day though.

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