Power outage

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all of Mariposa County will lose pwer at 11pm tonight, we had an unplaned outage the other night. They found a problem in the main transmission line, and will have a planned outage tonight. Starting at 11 pm and going until around 7 am in the morning.

On another note. One of our church members gave me a computor tower today. A Compaq Pressrio, with a 160 GB hardrive and 1 gig of ram, windows Vista. runs like a new computor, and is really fast. I hardly know what to do now its so fast. Grubstake

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No chance for me, I'm to high away from the creek, it would have to come up about 75ft or so, to flood me out, on another note, I hope it cause's some good mud slides, I don't want anyone to get hurt or lose there house, but on the BLM burn area, it would surely be nice to get some mud flows. Grubstake

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