Steaming Hot Mud Nugget

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Cabin or Gold Fever got me going before the next set of storms roll in for Sunday-Tuesday. Conditions are extra tough with the water table at 5" deep, but I managed to pull a dink mud nugget out to simmer me for a few days! Until the next hunt.



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ey Lucky,

Great shot of the nugget in the mud still. A partner wanted me to go out today, but I knew it was way too muddy for nuggetshooting here in Arizona.

Get itchy to find another gold nugget. I will post some of the stuff I've found recently when I get a chance.

Hope you find many more.

P.S. You received that order right?

Rob Allion

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Yep, got the order and back in action. Next storm is just a few miles from here and should last a couple days. I don't think this State is going to open dredge season this year. Just hoping for some major stream and river action in the mountains. For I have several favorite spots in the creek for my 5" to do it's thing.


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I hear you about the mud conditions Lucky. Some of my spots have standing water on top because the ground is so saturated. It seems that the extreme wet conditions create more false signals also. They sound really good, even down a few inches until you swing the coil over the pile and it sounds off too. I ground balance over the pile and the check the hole again. Sometimes I get lucky and it is not ground noise.



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