Beach hunting with a 2100

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Wife wants to head for the beach tomorrow and after the rains there has been quite a bit of beach erosion so I figured I might take my old 2100 out there and give it a try (too chicken to bring my 4500 that close to water).

Anyone have any luck with it. I tried a few years back with a VLF and had a hell of a time in the wet sand.

Should I bring a DD or will a mono be alright - say a 14"round.

Maybe find some nuggets.......... melted down into a ring shape :blush:.


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2100 w/14" Coiltek round worked pretty well at the beach. We ended up in Santa Monica. The storms tore it up pretty well, had alot of erosion.

Lots of trash especially melted aluminum pieces but ended up with one 1977 penny and a gold ring with Opal.

I only hunted for about an hour and the whole time I was wishing I was in the desert instead finding the virgin Gold.

I am not used to people being all around looking at you, I felt a bit awkward.

I had a Japanese (I guess) couple following me around for a while. I could not understand anything they were saying but they wanted to see the stuff I dug up. I gave them the melted aluminum beer can nuggets and they seemed to think they were cool.

I think I am going to stick to the deserts for metal detecting.


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DigDeep I recall hunting the beaches in So Cal when I first started detecting, I grew up there. and at times I had an entourage of curiosity seekers following me around. It did not take me long to figure out that the best time to hunt the beaches was after a storm or at minus tides. minus tides had a tendency to suck out the BS in the sand, foil, pull tabs, gum wrappers, etc. most the light junk and sometimes leave the good stuff laying in plain sight on the hard pan. I have to say I do miss huntin the beaches there, The only thing I hated was I could never find a matching pair of earrings. :D the best thing I can recommend with a 2100 on the beach is unless your hunting for a wrecked spanish galleon get a good sand scoop, AzNuggetBob

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Hello DigDeep,

I have a customer that purchased a SD many years ago and hunts specific beaches. This customer will call every so often and order accessories and coils and we also chat about what he is finding. He hunts certain sites where he has found handfuls of Gold and Silver Doubloons. His favorite time is after huge storms, but regardless he has found thousands of dollars worth of coins using the Minelab PI. He mentioned there were several other guys hunting these same sites, but they are using VLF coin/relic detectors. He said they have done well also, but if they only knew what they missed! :unsure:


Take care,

Rob Allison

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