Hunt with dean today

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Mike, not much of a story, its a place about 6 blocks from my house, And dean and I decided to get out today for a few hours, we hunted from 10 am until 1 pm. I got the nugget around 11 am. I know theres more, there. Its just fighting the brush to get to it. Its pioson oak city over there, but I don't get it. Grubstake

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Nice to see you posting some gold Grubstake. That looks like a beauty. I hear you about the poison oak, I hunted a spot yesterday with a friend that was loaded with the stuff. Not only little sprouts of it, but large patched that are like 8 feet tall and 10 feet around. I get it bad, so I stayed as far away as I could, but my dog ran through it and she got a bath first thing this morning. Hope you get some more.


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Yeh, Matt, my wife can look at poison oak and catch it. I have to strip off in the computor room and wash my detecting stuff my self. Reno Chris came down here and detected with me one day, he got a really bad case of it! It looked really bad. Grubstake

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Nice gold Gary. I did not get to hunt today. Had to go over to Wickenburg, however I did pop out 5 grams a couple days ago. Actually I was short 4 grains of 5 grams. One was a gramer & the other was a bit over 2 grams, the others were dinks.

Good to see you out and about.

Bob T.

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