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I do not know if it will go that high... but it is right on track with the 5 year slope if you take a look and draw a line....I know some are predicting very high but I have heard no reason for gold to go beyond it's predictable gains.It should be above 1300 in another 6 months.

The ups and downs are not accurate sine I'm just trying to show what the slope is.


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Hello Grubstake and Ebonbetta,

I'm surprised gold is sticking this high and believe it's going to drop back down a bit. I'm not a fan that gold will go up to $2000 - $5000. Seems as if the people that are selling gold are the ones that are telling you this. If gold gets that high, we have much bigger issues than gold.

First off, if gold goes to $5,000.00 something is very ... very wrong and most will be more worried about their jobs and family rather than trying to buy gold. That being said, during times like that, who is going to be buying your gold at $5,000 per ounce?

I've considered selling some gold at the current price. Heck, if you think gold is going that high, I have a great investment for you. I have a couple hundred ounces you can purchase for $1,200/ounce. Just think, you can double or triple your money. Lets see how fast I have it sold ... zzzZZZzzz

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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