butterfly coil ?

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hey everyone. as many of us , i have been trying to get larger coils for a few months now. i have a 17 inch on reserve and probably wont get it for a while i found these butterfly coils for gpx at kellyco Has any one ever tried one, whats the deal on these, im just having a hard time waiting on my nugget finder and stand no chance of gettin a goldstalker. any info on these would be helpful thanks Justin

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thanks everyone I think Ill just wait I have a nf 14 by 7 just need a 17 or 18 elip mono to go a little deeper

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Hey Border Boy,

To be perfectly honest, the 14-inch elliptical in NF or Coiltek is not going to get you a bunch more depth over the stock 11-inch. If you're paying close attention, I would say you might get any inch difference. This is not a science, but if you take a 14-inch elliptical, which is 14 long + width 7 = 21 inches. You take that number and divide by 2 and it gives you 10.5-inches. This is basically saying the 14-inch elliptical Mono is about the same as a 10.5-inch Round Mono. Keep in mind, this is not an exact science, just kind of gives you a ballpark figure of what the equiv. elliptical is in round.

If you're looking to get a couple inches I would say look into the 18.5-inch elliptical or something around this size.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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Hi Emamco/all

Use the sef 6 x 8 and the 10 x 12 on my e-trek, both great coils, specialy the smal one.

tryed a 15 inch for a while, butt for me to heavy and not much off a extra dept.

For dept on my 4000 I use a round 16 inch nf mono.

For the dept a round one is allways bether.

Regarts from Holland


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