Memorial Day Weekend Hunt

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Boy was it's tough on us detectorist in the Northern Motherlode. Last week it was in the 60's, this weekend in the upper 80's! DigDeep & Crew are following the gold and trying to hit a few different places, since thier spots are way to hot this time of year. All of our patches up here have the tallest thickest grass I ever seen. Pretty dangerous, cause I know there's more than a few rattlers. We tossed caution to the side and fought the thick grass without running into a snake...we shaked out a few nuggets for our efforts. I got a real weak signal which I thought was some mineralization and as I was chopping away at the grass to scrap a spot to check this target out, DigDeep yelled at me, this place is mineralized bad, but I think I have a target. I told him, me too and to dig it out to make sure. His ended up being a square nail on bedrock (10" deep) and my target was the right color at the same depth (no bedrock) 5.1 dwt's. DigDeep, did get his coil over some proper targets and managed to pull three out for 1 dwt's or 1.6 grams. He said, there's plenty of room for them in his poke...mine too, I replied. It's time to hit the high country and leave the lower foothill patch's to bake in the sun and dry that thick grass up before next Fall.

Today, we are enjoying a Memorial Day BBQ in the backyard. If you have sometime stop by for a cold one! Until our next hunt.




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Hey Lucky,

Great to hear DigDeep and Co. made it up your way. I'm glad they came out a couple of weeks ago, cause now it's hitting the 100's here in Central Arizona. Congrats that you guys got over some gold. A partner and I revisted a new patch and scored some nuggets Friday, but hoping the Wife will let me escape for a few hours tomorrow (I doubt it though ... :closedeyes: )

Take care,

Rob Allison

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