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Hello Dog runner,

The Gold Button product is fantastic. Any product that you can use a button on the handle to ground balance is really a blessing. I balance the machine more often then I used to, due to the convenience of the product. Keeping the machine properly ground balanced in changing ground conditions is essential. I have been using the product for 19 months, and have just recently developed slight sticking on the button. I probably just need to clean it somehow, however I may change over to the OEM Minelab Green Button handle. Either way, I want to continue having a ground balance button for the convenience.

I called Minelab before I installed the Gold Button, and they even said it was a great product. They also mentioned that it was a shame that the previous SD & GP models did not come with a GB button.

Remember, you must have a fixed /tracking switch in order to install these products.

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Hey Guys,

The Gold Button is a great product. However, many that are somewhat good at splicing and wiring are purchasing the GPX series push button ground balance handle for much less at $80 (new adjusted price 08-26) and making it work.

Just a suggestion.

Rob Allison

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